It’s Tuesday night and you’re curled up on your couch with a bowl of slow cooker pasta and a six dollar bottle of wine (hello, heaven, is that you?). It’s time for a major binge-watching sesh of something deliciously dishy — we are always here for the Real Housewives (and we’re in good company). Of course, we all have our favorite franchise — maybe you’re an OG OC kinda gal or perhaps you prefer the chic NYC scene. But have you ever thought about which housewife you vibe with on a cosmic level? Well, fear not, we are here to answer this existential question for you — just read on for your astrological housewife match.

Aries (MARCH 21-APRIL 19)

bethenny frankel

Bethenny Frankel: When you read that Bethenny Frankel chartered private planes to Puerto Rico to bring Hurricane Maria victims supplies before almost anyone else (cough, cough), you got those kindred spirit feels, hard. The two of you share an impulse to act in the face of adversity and will always lead others with enthusiastic optimism, no matter how dire the situation. You’re also both entrepreneurial-minded and see every problem as an opportunity — there’s no sugary cocktail that can’t be turned into a multi-million dollar business in your worlds. (Photo via Gotham/Getty)

Taurus (APRIL 20-MAY 20)

Carole Radziwill

Carole Radziwill: While some may call you stubborn, you like to think of yourself as resilient — always ready to do the responsible thing to maintain stability in your life. And even after Carole Radziwill faced her own series of heartbreaking setbacks in her early adult life, she persevered with the kind of practicality that is usually reserved for you, Taurus. Plus, have you seen her animal print sofa or feather-and-fur stuffed closet? This woman knows good taste and feels most comfortable curled up at home with a stiff whiskey drink and leather pants. Yeah, you get each other. (Photo via Bravo/Getty)

Gemini (MAY 21-JUNE 20)

kandi burruss

Kandi Burruss: To call Kandi Burruss a triple threat would be seriously selling the Atlanta housewife short. Burruss is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and entrepreneur who’s in complete control of her multi-faceted life. We know you can relate, Gemini, with your curious, agile mind and ferocious appetite to learn new things to propel you forward. You’re both always seeking inspiration from an exciting adventure, good book, or new friend — anything to keep your mind moving! (Photo via Robin Marchant)

Cancer (JUNE 21-JULY 22)

melissa gorga

Melissa Gorga: You lead with your heart, Cancer, and Melissa Gorga is over here like — same. Whether she’s overanalyzing a perceived slight by her sister-in-law or wondering if her husband is happy enough, Gorga always seems like she’s battling with some serious internal insecurities, and we know you can relate. You’re two empathetic, sensitive souls who can also get seriously tenacious if you feel like you’re being threatened. And when you’re tired of being on display, you’re known to retreat into your shell to regroup and rest. (Photo via Paul Zimmerman/Getty)

Leo (JULY 23-AUGUST 22)

nene leakes

NeNe Leakes: There’s only one other person who loves the limelight more than you, Leo, and her name is NeNe Leakes. She’s opinionated, quick, funny, and supremely talented — which is exactly why she could totally moonlight as a fellow warm-hearted Leo (if she weren’t too busy with all her other projects). You’re both natural actors and are motivated by getting creative whenever you can. No shade here — we are living for your drama, honey! (Photo via Bravo/Getty)


lisa vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump: With nary a hair nor swan out of place, Lisa Vanderpump lives her life by classic Virgo rules — you do it well and you do it right. She’s got those perfectionist tendencies you’re always getting teased about, Virgo, and she’s turned that attention to detail into an incredibly profitable brand, so don’t let anyone make you question your hard work or high standards again. You’re also both super into giving back — Vanderpump is famously generous to causes she feels passionate about. (Photo via Noel Vasquez/Getty)


kyle richards

Kyle Richards: From the fraught relationship with her sister Kim, to her on-again-off-again friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards is constantly searching for balance in her personal relationships. Sound like someone else you know, Libra? It’s just that you love bringing people together and want everyone to get along — you both have that social butterfly gene that means you’re an amazing hostess and friend. (Photo via David Livingston/Getty)

Scorpio (OCTOBER 23-NOVEMBER 21)

teresa guidice

Teresa Guidice: While we’re not saying you would tip over a dining room table if you felt personally attacked, Scorpio, we’re not not saying that either. Teresa Guidice, for all her flaws (hey, we all have ’em!), is one of the most passionate people on the planet. She loves — and fights! — super hard. And even when her life is seemingly falling apart, she musters resourcefulness and bravery that you definitely know well. This intensity also means she demands fierce loyalty from those around her and can let her jealousies get the best of her. (Photo via Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty)

Sagittarius (NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21)

phaedra parks

Phaedra Parks: If Phaedra Parks is the queen of shade, then you’re her loyal court jester, Sag. There’s no one funnier in the zodiac than you — and no one more hilarious on the Housewives than her. Your quick wit can sometimes get you into trouble though, causing hurt feelings and misunderstandings to those who may take you seriously. You’re both super generous and super smart, with an idealistic philosopher’s understanding of the world (Parks’ successful law career proves it!). (Photo via Paras Griffin/Getty)

Capricorn (December 22-JANUARY 19)

luann de lesseps

Luann de Lesseps: The only person better at climbing ladders than you, Cap, might be the countess herself. Luann de Lesseps has conquered royalty, blown up the pop charts, and even started her own necklace line — it’s the kind of resourcefulness and drive that we love so much about you! You’re both also into understated luxury, whether it’s a (modest) house in the Hamptons or an intimate dinner at a nice restaurant. It’s all about balance and stability with you (with just a dash of those traditional values you hold so dear). (Photo via Santiago Felipe/Getty)

Aquarius (JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18)

sonja morgan

Sonja Morgan: You’re a bit of a troublemaker, Aquarius, and we are here for it. Same goes for Ms. Sonja Morgan — she’s all sass, with a whole lot of fun and feistiness thrown in. Neither one of you are scared to do things your own way and actually relish in standing apart from the crowd. You’re both always up for a party and get fidgety if you’re feeling too bored, which translates into a deep-seated need for independence and freedom (as long as your beloved pets are along for the ride, of course). (Photo via Jim Spellman/Getty)

Pisces (February 19-MARCH 20)

yolanda foster

Yolanda Foster: Yolanda Foster is one of the most supportive, loving, and engaging moms within the Real Housewives franchise, and that compassion is something you can totally relate to, Pisces. You’re both musically inclined (honestly, what’s more Piscean than marrying a 16-time Grammy winner?) and love to surround yourself with creative, artistic people who inspire you. There’s also a spiritual side to your personality that gives you an intense aura that some don’t completely understand. (Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty)

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(Featured photos via Bravo)