For those of us who grew up in the analog era, it was only a matter of time before someone reimagined the View-Master, a stereoscopic device with thin cardboard reels that featured 3D color photographs. Well, that product is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. Introducing: Reelagram.

We first fell in love with this concept last year, along with a whole bunch of other ways to bring your Instagrams to life. We just love the idea of combining old school with new school, and could see using this for so many different things! In fact, for last year’s Re:Make event, we sent a whole bunch of custom View-Masters out to a very special group of invitees!

Now, a little more about Reelagram. When Chicago designer Darren Marshall was looking for a better way of showing off his portfolio, he tracked down a Portlander who had had done stereo photography for View-Master back in the day, Rich Dubnow.

Using the talents of Dubnow’s company, Image3D, Marshall created a version of his work that was hand-transferred onto View-Master reels, and when Dubnow introduced him to Instagram, an idea was born.

In a time when apps like VSCO and SquareFX are enhancing how we present photos to the world, Reelagram is changing the way we display these images. The aim is to “create some permanence by marrying the digital and analog worlds in a fun and nostalgic way.”

The way it works is, Reelagram will make a reel of seven photos from your Instagram feed for around $20, and you can buy the viewer in blue, red, white or black for $30. We think it makes the perfect gift for the shutterbugs in your life.

What was your favorite View-Master reel as a kid? Wax nostalgic in the comments below!