Raise your hand if you’re thinking about your bed right now. (Us, all the time, duh.) Whether you’re working in one of the most sleep-deprived occupations, crushing a new intense workout plan, or just everyday-busy getting things done, hearing the alarm clock ring in the a.m. can be a v. unwelcome start to the day. But according to a new survey from Sleep Junkie, not everyone immediately reaches for the snooze button. In fact, the survey found that more than a third of women and over two-fifths of men claim to NEVER hit snooze when their alarm clock goes off. To which we ask: Who are these animals, and why could they possibly ever not want more sleep? Here are the other interesting results about how people really feel about frenemy No. 1, their alarm clock.

A heads-up for all the brides-to-be out there, or anyone else considering moving in with a partner: Of the more than 2,000 people surveyed, almost 80 percent say that it’s rude for another person to hit the snooze button repeatedly while in the same room. After you say “I do,” you and your new spouse might want to lay some ground rules on that snooze button.

The most shocking finding? Fewer than a third of a percent of those surveyed describe their feeling on waking to an alarm as “awake,” and less than 14 percent overall reported a positive feeling like being energized or excited. This is especially meaningful when you consider that more than 80 percent of respondents claim to feel dread or anxiety when their alarm goes off. Drilling down into that idea of feeling awake, again over 80 percent of people who took the survey say that they rarely or never feel awake after an alarm. Not exactly the hallmark of a good night’s rest.


Putting all the pieces together from the answers about alarm practices, we can pretty easily imagine a typical morning based on the most commonly reported wake-up routines. You use your smartphone to set one alarm — which will go off on the hour — and place it next to your bed. Then, when your phone’s default morning ringtone sounds after what feels like not nearly enough sleep, you don’t hit snooze, but you also don’t really feel all that awake. Ladies, it’s time you get your seven to nine hours of the sleep you really need to turn those stats around.

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(Featured photo via Getty; images via Sleep Junkie)