It’s no secret that we love digital photos and sharing these mementos with friends and family. But all the social photo-sharing websites in the world don’t replace the simple pleasure of having a framed photograph on your desk or nightstand. These 3 techie updates on the classic photo frame will help you integrate your digital photos into your analog life.

1. Instacube ($149): It’s no secret that Instagram has taken the world by storm, inspiring an incredible variety of related products. The newest of these is a Kickstarter project called Instacube. A digital photo frame with Instagram integration, Instacube lets you access your Instagram photos in a large, high-quality, extremely viewable form. View your feed or follow a hashtag on the screen. The simple buttons on the top of the cube allow you to turn your Instacube on and off, toggle between feeds, and like your friends’ Instagram photos. Currently, you can score a classic Instacube by pledging $149 towards the project.

2. Parrot Specchio ($500): We recently swooned over a digital version of the magic mirror. This photo frame is another take on this incredibly awesome concept. With a mirrored surface, the frame is sleek and a perfect fit for any decor, in addition to a useful object to have around the house. In addition to being a mirror, it’s also a photo frame, allowing you to relive memories and get a dose of loved ones whenever you look at the surface. With WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, in addition to being able to get photos from Flickr and email, you can get breaking news and weather directly from the mirror.

3. Story Frames: This digital frame concept takes physically manipulating your photos to the next level. It’s an all-in-one station for playing around with your precious memories. Zoom and pan with the touch of your fingers, combine a stack of photos to be flipped through in a single frame, and put a series of photos in chronological order. Turn analog photographs into digital ones and search through a stack of photographs for a familiar face. We’re just bummed that these frames are just a concept and we’ll be keeping an eye out for news on them in the future.

How do you use technology to remind you of good times with friends and family? Do you like to use digital photo frames? Talk to us in the comments below or find us over on Twitter.