We’re all about making and creating here at B+C. (Oh, really?) But there are some crafts we haven’t mastered, and we like to give mad props to artisans who have. Like ceramics! The new generation of handmade pieces are modern and we’re totally fired up about them. (Think of the iconic scene in Ghost!) Join us in our celebration of unique, handmade ceramics by shopping our top ten list, then (bonus!) score these one-of-a-kind goodies in person at Re:Make 2014!

1. Blue and Black Chevron Mug by Jessica Wertz ($40): Mornings can def be a bit tricky and slow, but the promise of a cup of joe in this cool chevron mug just might entice us out of bed.

2. RossLab Succulent Planters Set ($90): How cute are these little planters? We plan on sprucing up our desks with this trio of ceramic planters. Plus, with succulents, everyone has a green thumb! ;)

3. theCoastal Black Geometric Coasters ($34): Don’t ruin your morning routine with coffee rings in your newspaper because that’s no fun. Add this graphic coaster and go ahead and Instagram your morning spread. (We do it too!)

4. White Dot Espresso Cup by Jessica Wertz ($28): Are you more of an espresso person in the morning? Don’t worry. There’s a cup for that.

5. RossLab Ceramic Bow Necklace ($48): Okay, we’re dying. These are the absolute cutest. Grab a cute bow necklace in each color for you and your besties.

6. Half Hitch Contrast Mug ($48): Half Hitch Goods and favorite Instagram potter Helen Levi teamed up to create this modern black and white contrast mug. Kind of makes you rethink the whole glass half-empty vs. glass half-full.

7. Young in the Mountains Book Ends ($85): Add some greenery to your bookshelf with these book ends that double as planters.

8. RossLab Teal Ceramic Creamer and Sugar Bowl ($48): We know that mom would just LOVE this ceramic creamer and matching sugar bowl. She will be telling all her friends about how you are so lovely and thoughtful.

9. Long Rectangle Vase by Jessica Wertz ($78): Totally swooning over this simple and beautiful rectangular vase. Pretty self explanatory.

10. Young in the Mountains Treasure Jar ($120): You read that right. A treasure jar! Oh, what secrets will we store in here ;)

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Have you ever created your own ceramics? Let us know in the comments below!