Rihanna debuted Anti last night! We鈥檝e only been waiting for this for about four years 鈥 or since 2012鈥檚 Unapologetic. Rihanna has dropped a number of singles in recent months, always hinting that the new album was eminent. The drop was preceded by a frenzy on Twitter yesterday, after Rihanna released the single Work,聽featuring Drake.

If you are like me and dying to hear this latest, her eighth album, we may have to chill our heels. It is available for streaming and downloads this week exclusively on new music platform Tidal 鈥 Rihanna and Jay Z are both backers. You will have to subscribe to the site to hear the album full-length but non-subscribers can listen to 30-second previews for free. And a spatter of codes is being put out randomly by Rihanna and Sony, offering free downloads, if you are lucky enough to nab one.

Back in mid-December, singer/songwriter Sia Furler, who wrote Diamonds for Unapologetic, told BBC Radio that she鈥檇 met with Rihanna and hoped some of her songs would be picked up for Anti. Diamonds, which was a feature song on the soundtrack for the moving French film Girlhood, had an emotional depth that鈥檚 absent in the single Work. With it鈥檚 droning chorus, Work sounds a bit tired and is certainly no dance tune, though perhaps that underscores the point of the song. Anyway, I鈥檓 eager to hear the rest of the songs 鈥 hoping to find a Sia tune among them. Many critics felt Sia鈥檚 Cheap Thrills or Chandelier would have been perfect for Rihanna and were missed opportunities. Let鈥檚 see if she picked up another Sia jewel here. (Runs off to try Anti code.)

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(Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty)