Just days after Jessica Alba and Natasha Bedingfield both revealed that they鈥檙e expecting sons in the near future, Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter have just welcomed their own bouncing baby boy.

鈥淕RACIAS鈥 Thank you to my beautiful friends for the love!鈥 the Devious Maids star captioned a pic she shared to Instagram that showed the flowers and balloons she鈥檇 received to celebrate the big arrival. She added, 鈥淏aby boy is perfect鈥 estamos felices.鈥

The 44-year-old is already the mother to five-year-old Sebella, who she shares with Witches of East End actor Eric Winter, her husband of nine years.

The actress who you鈥檒l recognize as US Secret Service agent Isabella Molina from Rush Hour 2 and FBI agent Elena Delgado from Without a Trace told Us Weekly back in September that she was thrilled to be having a son, saying, 鈥淚 was over the moon when I found out it was a boy.鈥

She said that during her first pregnancy, she was completely wrong when it came to guessing the sex of her child. 鈥淲hen I was pregnant with Sebella, I was convinced I was going to have a boy. I was shocked my first baby was a girl.鈥 Though she was sure to add, 鈥淏ut the most important thing was I wanted to have a healthy baby.鈥

She also revealed that this time around she was dealing with a high-risk pregnancy because of her age, saying, 鈥淚t鈥檚 been more difficult than the first pregnancy for sure. But I am feeling much better.鈥 And we bet she鈥檚 feeling even betterthan that now that her little one has arrived safe and sound.

While we don鈥檛 know the baby鈥檚 name and the new mama-of-two hasn鈥檛 shared a pic of her son quite yet, we鈥檒l keep our fingers crossed that the adorable family shares a few details in the near future.

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(Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty)