Everything You Should Know About the Next Chipotle
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Everything You Should Know About the Next Chipotle

It’s really no secret that we heart Chipotle (along with basically everyone else worldwide who craves a filling lunch). But what if we told you there are other Mexican grills to obtain a food baby from that are equally as delicious — if not *gasp* better?! Well, apparently there is and we are currently craving it way more than a GMO-free burrito bowl with a side of guac. The avo dip guacs our world, after all ;)

Your potential new go-to lunch spot is Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill. The San Diego-based chain was co-founded in 1983 by Ralph Rubio, a college-aged surfer at the time, who fell in love with fish tacos in Mexico after his first bite during his surfing rendezvous. After taking one too many trips South of the Border for those seafood platters he decided that trek was too far for a lunch run and opened up his first Rubio’s location, a walk-up stand, in Mission Bay, San Diego. Thanks to the success of Rubio’s signature fish tacos recipe there are more than 190 restaurants along the West Coast serving up Baja California-inspired menu items alongside the famous tacos. With choices like seafood burritos, shrimp enchiladas, a variety of burrito bowls, endless salad options and surf + turf items galore (including sangria + a fresh catch of the day), you’ll feel like you’re at an island resort even if you’re indulging in a take out plate at your desk.

Other than a menu overflowing with constant crave-worthy items, Rubio’s is ready to take on Chipotle for plenty of other reasons too. Earlier this year the fish taco purveyor overtook the Mexican Grill for first place in the Mexican category in a Consumer Reports survey. With that new title as well as its commitment to sourcing its seafood and meats and only using high-quality ingredients, it looks like this fast casual chain could be adding plenty of additional locations and growing its following in no time to take a bite into everyone’s current lunch fave. Stay tuned for our team’s review from the Rubio’s across the city soon (like, hopefully this week ;)

Have you tried Rubio’s or do you are you now craving a taste? Share your hungry thoughts with us know in the comments.

(h/t Business Insider, photos via @robinsenne, @myworldofcolor + @lovetram)