Decorating the kids’ rooms gives you a chance to live out your color dream and go crazy with big bold colors and graphic patterns. If you’re on a budget or just looking for an easy way to update the decor, a rug can be the perfect option since it saves the carpet from stains and adds a bright pop of color! From bugs and tigers to splotches and doodles, here are 20 colorful rugs you and your kids will both be excited about.

1. Jellybean Rug ($299): Guess how many jelly beans are in this colorful tufted rug!

2. Candy Dot Rug ($299): The gray background makes this confetti rug perfect for kids and their messes.

3. Round And Round Rug ($249): Featuring a bright, fun palette, this rug would add a playful touch to any nursery or playroom all the way up to a teen’s room.

4. Turquoise Shell ($99): This monochromatic ruffled rug is available in multiple colors for a fun mermaid effect.

5. Striped Dhurrie Rug ($99): Bring the circus home with this boldly striped rug.

6. Aquarium Gravel Rug ($197): Lay down some vibrant pebbles with this rug inspired by the bottom of a fish tank.

7. Crayon Rug ($229): Taste the rainbow with this soft and textured rug.

8. Color Palette ($99): Every kid is an artist with this paint palette rug.

9. Tectonic Floor Rug ($299): Doesn’t this rug remind you of a layered sand art project?!

10. Don’t Feed The Animals ($299): Available in tiger, bear or zebra, your kids will love this jungle rug.

11. Roadside Rug ($249): The roads on the rug could double as a fun place to play!

12. Ink Spot Rug ($249): Color outside the lines with this asymetrically spotted rug.

13. Lady Bug Rug ($70): Lady bug, lady bug fly away to our home please!

14. Doodle Rug ($26): Get your squiggle on with this circular rug.

15. Urban Landscape ($70): We love the playfulness of this ombre city rug.

16. Retro Flowers ($876): These graphic flowers are both geometric and charming and we love the pops of orange color.

17. Flower Tile Rug ($44): The patterns of this rug reminds us of a kaleidoscope.

18. Southwest Rug ($35): Embrace the colors of the desert with this tribal rug.

19. Painted Stripe Rug ($44): The little hand drawn stripes make this rug look almost handmade.

20. Colorblock Rug ($89): Give the playroom a retro feel with this geometric rug.

Do these rugs appeal to your inner child? Let us know in the comments below!