Though seemingly harder every day, there are plenty of ways to stay productive at work (and home). You can buy a desk, DL some apps, take a walk or even push for a four-day work week to make your workflow more efficient. *Or* you could actually clean up the mess on your desk to make room for a handy device that will turn off all your distractions, giving you the opportunity to reach productivity level heights you may have never been to before. The secret to a distraction-free work life may have finally been uncovered.

That secret productivity tool is Saent (pre-order two for $75), pronounced “saint” + currently raising funds on Indiegogo. The Bluetooth-connected device is a simple yet efficient operation. All you have to do is press the little white button and you’ll be turning off any + all distractions on your computer (i.e. the rabbit holes that are Facebook, Twitter + Instagram), allowing you to focus all your attention on what matters the most from nine to five: work. Sounds like something your boss would love to give as a company-wide gift ;)

With its programmable software, you get to decide how long those interruptions are hidden away and which apps you actually deem too tempting to leave open. Need to extend that zoned-in timeframe? Simply add minutes on the app and you’ll be muting annoyances left and right and finishing up projects faster and faster. You’re also able to track progress you’ve made and compete with your workaholic coworkers to see who is accomplishing the most. Nothing like a friendly “I can complete more work than you” challenge with your deskmate.

If you’re scared this device will block you from a highly important incoming email or messages from your manager or boss, have no fear — you can also set it up to allow specific notifications from those you deem worthy to pass through to you. After all, Saent wants to be a saint sitting on your desk, not a devil ;)

Would you add this productivity tool to your desk? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Saent