When you think of tech innovations, you often think of stuff like the new Huawei smartphone, tablets, wearables like the OMBra and even entertainment. Kitchen and home appliances don’t ever make the list — at least the “new and exciting” list. We’re continuing our CES 2016 coverage right here at Brit + Co with the most genius thing that has ever been in a home since… sliced bread. That’s how the saying goes, right? Today Samsung unveiled some of their seriously amazing home appliances at their press conference, and they’ll change the way you cook, do laundry, grocery shop and even interact at home.


1. Samsung Front Load Washer With AddWash: Not only is this massive washing machine packing five cubic meters of space for the biggest load of laundry ever, but this baby comes with an AddWash door too. You can pause the cycle at any time and pop open the little door in front to add in that second sock that fell on the ground, the towel you forgot about in the bathroom or even the shirt you’re currently wearing and really need to wash, thus solving the greatest and oldest laundry headache since the invention of the washing machine. That’s if you can get it in there before the cycle ends. This machine can wash up to 3.6 baskets of laundry in as little as 30 minutes. Kind of amazing, huh? It’ll be available in spring of 2016.


2. Samsung’s WiFi Slide-in Range With Soft Close Dual Door: Samsung is also releasing a gorg stainless steel five-burner electric range with a soft-close double door. No more banging oven doors. Plus, this oven comes with TWO levels. Imagine alllll the pies. But given this is Samsung, it’s no ordinary cooktop. The stove is part of Samsung’s range of IoT (that’s “Internet of Things”) appliances, so yes, it is WiFi-enabled. In fact, you can sync your stove up to an app that will tell you remotely if you accidentally left the stovetop on or not. This is exactly what forgetful cooks everywhere have been waiting for. Once again, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The stove will also be available in spring of 2016.


3. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: And now for the pièce de résistance. Here is the fridge that ups the ante for refrigerators everywhere. The fridge used to be a place you could hang your kid’s spelling test, family vacay photos and wedding invites. With the rise of stainless steel appliances, that’s become pretty hard to do. The Family Hub Fridge wants to recapture that. The smart hub not only allows you to upload family photos, but you can even text it messages for the family and have it notify you about appointments in your cal too.

The Family Hub Refrigerator allows you to grocery shop via MasterCard Groceries in a totally groundbreaking way by giving you access to thousands of online grocers like Fresh Direct, and have your food delivered right to your front door. If you happen to be in a store but you forgot your list, the fridge is fitted with cameras INSIDE so you can see what you have and what you need to buy. Plus, the folks at Samsung know that life in the home often revolves around the fridge, so guess what? The hub can sync your playlists and be a DJ too.

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