Even if their kid bellow until their face is red, parents will never stop making them doing it. Sitting on Santa鈥檚 lap is a hit-or-miss experience for little kids. Sometimes they cry, sometimes they鈥檙e frozen in fear, but all the time the pictures are priceless. As of late, Instagramers have been dedicating their #ThrowbackThursdays to digging up old pics of their childhood visits to Santa, and we cannot get enough. We鈥檝e picked some of our faves to share with you in the hopes that you鈥檒l fill your son鈥檚, daughter鈥檚, niece鈥檚, nephew鈥檚 or cousin鈥檚 heart with the same Christmas joy.

1. Dapper and Disappointed: One thing is for sure: Neither of these bros is entertaining the idea of Santa. But even with frowns, they鈥檙e totally rocking that nautical look. (via @theorespect)

2. Twinsies: That onesie is so 鈥淪anta鈥檚 lap鈥 chic. (via @1angeljohnson)

3. Naughty and Nice: Fact: It鈥檚 impossible to rattle off your wish list when your kid brother is having a panic attack. (via @mylooxyloo)

4. Star Power: Was your Santa pic featured in the newspaper? You know you鈥檙e famous when鈥 (via @vscallion676)

5. St. Nick Naptime: This is officially the most zen Santa鈥檚 lap photo in the history of time. (via @natsnextadventure)

6. Puppy Hour: A Santa for puppies with a puppy driving a car? Whatever is going on is hilariously awesome. (via @medicatedkitty)

7. So Retro: Nothing says 鈥70s Santa like a wicker throne. The production people are killing it with that poinsettia backdrop, too. (via @22_karat)

8. Don鈥檛 Make Me Do It: When a mom鈥檚 hand is pushing a kid back into the photo, you know there is some serious Santa fear going on. (via @shannoncarlin)

9. Maybe Not: Is frozen in fear better than screaming at the top of your lungs? We鈥檙e guessing this Big Red thinks so. (via @frpabst1)

10. Like Royalty: Santa may have gotten a little overly ambitious with the blush, but that giant flower headpiece is totally killing it. (via @larisa_lz)

11. PG-13: These two may have been on the naughty list that year. (via @funnypicsgwiz)

12. Family Time: It鈥檚 a family photo op waiting to happen. Santa looks more scared than the kids. (via @corissagram)

13. Flashback: There鈥檚 just nothing like seeing how your lil babes grow up 鈥 from Santa skepticism to pure glee. (via @sbessinger)

14. Fashioistas: The vintage looks on these siblings鈥 faces are straight up Wes Anderson. (via @tinalynne612)

15. Double the Cute: Have two babies ever been so happy to sit on Santa鈥檚 lap? Just goes to prove the buddy system is always your best bet. (via @funkyfusion)

What is your favorite memory of sitting on Santa鈥檚 lap? We鈥檇 love to know in the comments!