This is Frederick. Clearly, he鈥檚 a golden dinosaur. And he鈥檚 got some awesome Halloween costume ideas for you.

Like Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab Couture at the 2013 Academy Awards.

Or Vincent VanGogh.

Or an Athletic Supporter, perhaps?

While we鈥檇 like to think that Frederick comes up with these killer ideas himself, we鈥檒l admit he has some help. San Francisco-based portrait photographer Sarah Deragon is the real mastermind behind this witty golden dinosaur. The ideas started flowing a few days ago, when Sarah decided she would dress up her pal in various costumes on the days leading up to Halloween and post 鈥檈m on her Instagram. And we鈥檙e obsessed.

Frederick and his BFF Lewis came up with a killer couple costume, too: College Freshmen. Keep checking Sarah鈥檚 feed to see what Frederick will wear next. We鈥檙e guessing tomorrow is going to be epic!

Which is your favorite Frederick costume so far? What would you like to see him in tomorrow? Sound off below!