When summer fruit is at its peak, you crave it with every meal, even dinner. Luckily, the sweetness and light acidity that make fruit delicious as dessert actually works well with savory dishes too, helping to balance out salty, meaty flavors. Summer berries work beautifully in dinner recipes like blueberry salmon, and stone fruit, like cherries, make for a mean salsa that can be spooned over grilled meats. Whether served raw, grilled, or in a sauce, these 14 stone fruit recipes make every meal taste like summer.

1. One-Pan Apricot Rosemary Pork Chops: Pork chops are always delicious when served with something sweet. In this case, it’s a glaze made from apricots, preserves, and vinegar for just a bit of tang. (via Bijoux and Bits)

2. Moroccan Chicken With Quinoa Salad: A quinoa salad filled with fresh apricots is a tasty counterpoint to spiced Moroccan chicken in this recipe. Add some fresh herbs for extra flavor. (via Mid-Life Croissant)

3. Sausage Rigatoni With Plums: Your Nonna’s secret pasta ingredient has nothing on the key to this unique dish. Plums add a subtle sweetness that only serves to enhance the spicy, savory sausage. (via This How I Cook)

4. Grilled Nectarine Salad: Grilling nectarines brings out their sweetness, caramelizing them to add a deeper flavor to any dish they’re included in. Creamy mozzarella, chicken, and mint round out the dish. (via Happy Body Formula)

5. Nectarine and Peanut Chicken Salad: Peanut chicken is delicious, but it can taste a little heavy on its own. To offset its rich flavor, add fresh veggies and grilled fruit to the mix. (via Serving Dumplings)

6. Glazed Pork Loin Steaks With Nectarines and Zucchini Rolls: Juicy pork loin steaks marinated in black currant juice, beer, and spices would be delicious on its own. But when paired with nectarines and shaved zucchini rolls stuffed with cheese, it becomes the stuff summer dinner dreams are made of. (via Vienna Sunday)

7. Baked Fish With Dill Cherry Salsa: Baked fish for dinner might not sound that exciting, but a fresh fruit salsa changes all that. Cherries combine with fresh dill to create the base, while capers and olives add a salty tang. (via Two Purple Figs)

8. Skillet Chicken With Bacon Balsamic Cherry Reduction: This isn’t your average skillet chicken. Smokey bacon and sweet cherries combine to make a pan sauce that’s so tasty, you’ll want to lick the pan. (via Aimee Mars)

9. Grilled Pork With Peach Salsa: You’ll want to make extra of this fresh salsa — it’s great on just about everything. Here, it’s spooned over grilled pork that’s been lightly seasoned with cumin. (via Ang Sarap)

10. Peach and Kohlrabi Salad With Chipotle Shrimp: Crunchy kohlrabi, juicy peaches, and strawberries make the base of this salad. Add in some smokey chipotle shrimp to make a complete meal. (via Coffee and Crayons)

11. Grilled Jerk Fish Tacos With Tangy Peach Salsa: This peach salsa gets its tang from a special seasonal ingredient: green tomatoes. Spoon it over tacos stuffed with grilled, jerk-spiced fish for a fresh meal that’ll make you feel like you’re at the beach. (via Killing Thyme)

12. Chipotle Peach Chicken Salad: Avoid bland chicken salad by making this recipe your new go-to. It adds chunks of peaches, crunchy pecans, and a chipotle-peach vinaigrette to add zippy flavor to the classic recipe. (via Put on Your Cake Pants)

13. Grilled Peach Prosciutto Flatbread: There’s something about summer that just begs for your pizza to be swapped out in favor of a flashy flatbread instead. This one’s topped with sweet peaches and blackberries, salty prosciutto, creamy burrata, and peppery arugula to keep the flavors grounded. (via Cake n Knife)

14. Grilled Peach and Strawberry Chicken Salad: Caramelized, grilled peaches add big flavor to this colorful salad. They’re joined by chicken and creamy avocado to make for a harmonious meal. (via The Kitcheneer)

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