When Scandal premiered in 2012, there was one major scandal at the heart of its pilot. The president of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant III, was sleeping with a woman who wasn鈥檛 his wife, a White House intern named Amanda Tanner. Not long afterward, viewers (and Cyrus) learned that Fitz also had an affair with Olivia Pope that started while she was a campaign staffer when he ran for president. And a president having an affair with a former staffer is pretty scandalous 鈥 but the show was always more than a romantic drama.

Olivia and Fitz got back together, and then split up again, more times than you can count over the course of Scandal鈥s seven seasons. Amid all the talk about Vermont and jam-making, though, Olivia gave plenty of cheer-worthy speeches about how Fitz didn鈥檛 own her, and she could do what she wanted. The show also gave Fitz some formidable competition in Olivia鈥檚 other on-again, off-again beaus, Jake and Edison. Going into the finale, it looks like Fitz and Olivia will probably get their happy ending in Vermont (provided she doesn鈥檛 face legal consequences for her B613 confession), but that鈥檚 really just a footnote for the rest of the show.

Scandal has always been more about its characters鈥 careers than their romantic entanglements, though there鈥檚 been plenty of that, too. Olivia values her job, and her Washington status, above almost everything else. And while Fitz鈥檚 affairs may have been the show鈥檚 original 鈥渟candal,鈥 they鈥檙e far from the most noteworthy one. There鈥檚 the existence of shadow agency B613, the Defiance election-rigging, the murder of Fitz and Mellie鈥檚 son 鈥 there are way more scandalous things going on in this show than romantic affairs.

It鈥檚 also worth pointing out that the show鈥檚 current and final season hasn鈥檛 dwelled much on Fitz and Olivia鈥檚 relationship. Yes, they鈥檝e shared intimate moments, and there鈥檚 been talk of Vermont, including Olivia鈥檚 intervention at Fitz鈥檚 Vermont house. But for the most part, Olivia and Fitz have been forging their own paths in season 7. Olivia is constantly working to help Mellie (regardless of whether she鈥檚 still officially employed by her), and Fitz is working with Marcus at his new institute. Even though they鈥檒l likely end up together, they鈥檙e successful when they鈥檙e on their own. And sometimes, focusing on self-improvement, rather than relationships, has been good for both of them.

In fact, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly last year that she didn鈥檛 want the focus to be solely on the show鈥檚 romance. 鈥淚 was never telling a 鈥榳ill they or won鈥檛 they鈥 thing,鈥 Rhimes said to EW. 鈥淓very time somebody asked me if people were Team Whatever, I never really got that. I was always telling a story about the evolution of a woman.鈥

It鈥檚 good to remember Rhimes鈥 words going into the series finale this week. Whatever happens between Olivia and Fitz is just one part of Olivia鈥檚 story 鈥 and she鈥檒l be just fine with or without him.

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(photo via ABC/Mitch Haaseth)