Over the past six years, Scandal has given us no shortage of jaw-dropping moments. But now we’re shook for another reason: The cast and crew of the beloved show have released a video retrospective to say goodbye as they prepare for the series finale, and it’s making us all kinds of emotional.

“There’s not a single feeling I haven’t had about the show ending,” Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) said to open the video, which the show tweeted on Thursday, March 29.

Of course, she’s not the only one on an emotional rollercoaster. Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn Perkins, added, “I can honestly say that after seven years of being together, we are very, very, very, very tight.” And Bellamy Young (Mellie Grant) said she’s preparing for what will surely be an emotional last day on set by stocking up on “lots of waterproof mascara.”

Tony Goldwyn, for one, hasn’t quite processed that the show is ending. “I think I’m kind of in denial about the final day on set,” he admitted. (We’re a little in denial, too, TBH.)

Scott Foley, on the other hand, is fully in touch with his feelings about it. “I know exactly how it’s going to be,” he said without a hint of doubt. “Tough.”

Of course, before they say goodbye for good, there are still a few loose ends to tie up. Darby Stanchfield has an idea of what she foresees for Abby Whelan — and it may or may not involve David Rosen (Joshua Malina). But will Olivia find her happily-ever-after with Fitz or Jake (or neither)? Foley and Goldwyn can’t agree on an outcome.

Washington has the last word, though, and she says, “The only human that’s guaranteed to have a happy ending at the end of Scandal is [the show’s creator] Shonda Rhimes.” (She definitely deserves it!)

The cast also took some time to thank their fans, AKA “Gladiators,” in a series of heartfelt messages. “None of us will ever forget what you did for us,” Goldwyn said, referring to the fact that the audience has stuck with them through seven seasons.

Scandal‘s series finale will air on ABC on April 19.

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(photo via ABC/Bob D’Amico)