There’s been all sorts of gossip surrounding runaway hit show Scandal lately. With rumors this week that the show has been canceled and will end after its seventh season (though show runner Shonda Rhimes has yet to confirm), all eyes have been on the its stars, including one Miss Katie Lowes, and boy does she have a surprise for fans! While congratulating host Jimmy Kimmel on the birth of his son Billy for her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, the 35-year-old dropped the bomb that she’s also expecting her first baby with husband Adam Shapiro.

Lowes admitted that when she told her Scandal boss the news, Rhimes more or less, “already knew. Because she’s Shonda, she’s a genius.” (That peeking little bump probably didn’t hurt, either).

As for baby names, the actress admitted she and Shapiro aren’t quite there, saying, “My husband’s a huge basketball fan, so for years, we’ve been calling him ‘Lebron.'”

“You don’t want the baby’s name to be Lebron,” Kimmel quipped, “because maybe after five years he’ll want to go live with a different family.” Kimmel goes on to suggest the names Jelatin (with a J) and Camaro (though neither of those names fit particularly well with the last name Shapiro).

While we wait for confirmation of what exactly is happening with Scandal, it’s definitely an exciting reprieve from the potentially crushing news. Congrats, guys!

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(h/t E!Online; Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)