Are you happy? Not “I got a new pair of shoes” happy… like, genuinely happy? Some would argue that joy has everything to do with where you live or how much you have, but most theories on happiness have little to do with actual science. Obviously, it helps to have a positive attitude, live in a cool city and to have a fat wallet, but the true secret to glee just might be taking this Science of Happiness course at the University of California Berkeley. For FREE.

We know what you’re thinking: There are a ton of books and articles out there that claim to share the secret to happiness. There’s the enlightening read The Happiness Project ($10) and one of our favorite documentaries Happy (yep, it’s available on Netflix). You could workout more, eat better, make positive choices — even change your career path. But why not educate yourself with a free eight-week online course?!

The Science of Happiness course will offer tips on how to lead a meaningful life that are proven successful by research in psychology and neuroscience. It’s not a “say yes” seminar, it’s not a course filled with videos of inspirational speakers, it’s ultimately a science class. The course material will include videos, lectures, readings, exercises, tests, polls and discussion boards.

Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace, although as with most online classes, the more you keep up, the more you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other students and instructors. Signing up is easy as pie (over 89k people have already registered!), but get on it. The course begins today (September 9) and goes through November 4.

Are you interested in taking this course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

(h/t Huffington Post)