Do you have anyone who’s selfie-obsessed on your holiday shopping list? With or without a duck face, do they fill your social feed with a pic showing off every new purchase or hairdo? Well, maybe what they need is a permanent reminder of what they look like. Maybe they need a Selfie Doll.

Magdolna Bakos is a toymaker in Hungary who provides the intricate craftsmanship for each and every plush doll. All you do is send them a pic of the person who you want a doll version of and a little bit about them. We can’t decide if it’s creepy or cool, but we’re leaning toward cool.

After you send your request, they’ll send you back a concept image. If you like it, you pay for it, and they’ll start making it over the next month. After they send you a pic of the final product for inspection, they’ll ship it to you.

This could make a fun gift for a kiddo who wants a doll that looks like them. Or you could get one made for a dedicated Directioner who wants a doll of Harry Styles himself. They could even make a funny wedding gift.

From the outfit and accessories to hairstyle and makeup, you can get a likeness of anyone. Prices for the Selfie Doll are around $95, but they vary with each order. You can get them in a 30 cm or 60 cm size.

Do you know anyone who would love a selfie doll? Let us know in the comments!