When your human mother tells you how to live your life better, it’s grating. But when your Sen.se Mother does it, it’s awesome.

Sen.se Mother is a device that harnesses the power of gentle nagging reminders to help you stay on top of important life things… you know, like taking your pills on time, hitting your daily exercise goal and drinking enough water. Mother is a wireless base station with the placid expression of a plastic pear-shaped angel. She monitors everyday objects that you attach trackers, called Cookies, to. (The Cookies don’t look a thing like real cookies, so don’t bother worrying about accidentally eating one.)

The trackers help Mother understand you without her asking, “What do you care about today?”

For me, it’s my dog. Her sense of self-control is of great interest to me. I want to know precisely how long it takes her to jump up on the couch, where she knows she’s not allowed, once I leave the house. Five seconds? 10 seconds? With Mother, I can pin a Cookie to my dog’s sweater and chart the exact moment she flops onto — and occasionally chews on — the nicest piece of furniture I own.

If your kid is a real kid rather than a dog, the Sen.se website suggests using Mother to regulate your child’s tooth brushing, as you can use the accelerometer found inside every Cookie to track brush strokes and turn this nightly health ritual into a competitive game where the most vigorous brusher wins (the prize is you get to keep all your teeth!).

Let Mother help you track your health in a whole new way — put a Cookie on your pillbox so the device knows when a lack of movement means you’ve forgotten to take a daily dosage. Use it the old-fashioned way (yes, wearables are now basically old-fashioned) and slap one on your shoes so you can track your steps. And earn a (real) cookie when you reach your daily or weekly goal.

Tell us: What’s the one thing you’d let Sen.se Mother track that you’d never tell your real mom about?