Believe it or not, the look of your walls actually plays a key role when it comes to designing your home. From intricate wallpaper designs to white walls that just scream for some covetable art, the way you decorate this overlooked detail is MAJOR when it comes to setting the tone for the rest of your lovely pad. The latest home decor trend to hit our feeds? Shiplap walls (aka a minimalist lover’s dream!). This textured, overlapping panel design is *perf* for giving your home a simple, decorated feel without relying on costly and clutter-y accents. So whether you want give your home a light rustic appeal or are looking to bring on those Nordic vibes, scroll on down and discover Pinterest’s top picks for this obsession-inducing trend.


1. White Walls: Who can resist the ultra-clean look of white on white? Give your home a minimalist, Scandinavian aesthetic by pairing white walls and furniture with light wood touches for a look that’s swoon-worthy all on its own. (via Studio McGee)


2. Rustic Bathroom: While bathrooms can be a difficult room to design, shiplap is great for giving the room a warm, homey feel. Instead of using cold tile, opt for wood paneling as a way to give your bathroom an inviting, rustic cabin appeal. Just be sure to paint your textured walls to keep things from looking too matchy-matchy. (via Anne Sneed)


3. Black Walls: Don’t be afraid to head over to the dark side. While black walls may seem like a bold move, for the girl seeking to give her home a modern look, dark walls help your stylish marble and gold accents really pop. (via Studio McGee)


4. Workspace: Farmhouse meets industrial in this mixed materials workspace. Soften up the look of your sturdy metal and wood decor by adding white paneling to give the space a more lived-in vibe. (via Postbox Design)


5. Raw Wood: We’re seriously feelin’ this rustic caravan-inspired design! Go for raw wood paired with pastel furnishings to give your home that funky ’60s flair. (via Architects Clayton & Little)


6. Shiplap Shower: Turn your bathroom shower into a relaxation oasis by bringing on that serene spa style. First step? Recreate a Japanese sauna at your humble abode by adding wood panels to your standing shower. Pro Tip: If you wanna make this look a bit more authentic, try using raw wood rather than painted. (via Home Bunch)


7. Shiplap Office: Shabby chic never looked so good. Take your kooky design obsession to the next level by adding white panels to create that romantic garden shed feel. This room is definitely Gilmore-approved! (via Liz Marie Blog)


8. Gray Shiplap: A single wall can make all the difference. Give your bathroom an extra touch of texture by bringing a shiplap design to a small portion of your wall. By painting the color a contrasting gray, you can turn this addition into the focal point of your space. (via Seabrook Styles)


9. Shiplap Ceiling: Is it just us, or are you experiencing some serious tunnel vision? Draw focus to one area of the room by wrapping your walls and ceiling with some clean horizontal lines. This hack also works well for lengthening your tiny space. (via Rafe Churchill)


10. Stairs: Give your room a subtle, modern look by adding extra dimension to your stairwell. The lines, created by shiplap and paired with the strong angle of the stairs and railing, bring a sleeker appeal to an otherwise mundane space. (via Charlie & Co. Design)

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