Camper Shoes has kicks that are good for way more than taking you on daily adventures, and the laces of those shoes are good for way more than footwear. Artist Curro Claret had the bright idea to work with lighting company Metalarte to create a series of shoelace lampshades that are fashionable and DIY-able.

Claret reclaimed shoelaces from Camper Shoe stores, and with them he designed solid, monochromatic and striped looks by tying the laces on wire lampshades. All of the shades are created thanks to a therapy through art program.

DIYing is always therapeutic for us, so we have to say we’re not totally surprised to hear that art is helping people get some peace by focusing on the repetition and the reward of creating.

The results of this project are totally chic shades that are easy to whip up on a budget too. We’ll be adding this to our DIY list the next time we need a statement lamp.

Can you think of other materials to make these shades with besides shoelaces? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Design Milk)