There’s a bro code, brah. So make sure you’re on top of your game: plaid shirts, PBR, beards, man buns, pocket squares and some grill time.

Who are we? We’re Bro + Co. A brand-new online destination for dudes, by the company formerly known as Brit + Co. And, dude, you’re in luck. We have a whole new collection to prove it. We’ve got everything you need in life in our exclusive new collection.

What’s included? Bar cart supplies, brewing kits, hangover cures (seriously), camping gadgets, beard upkeep, grilling must-haves (for masters only) and everything bacon.



Time to stock up on your bro essentials now. That is, only if you want to continue following the bro code. It’s up to you, brah. But here’s 14 must-haves from the Bro+Co collection, if you’re interested.


1. The Mantry Subscription ($85): It’s the number one food subscription for men for a reason. Bourbon Breakfast food products = every man’s dream.


2. Artisan Hot Sauce Kit ($30): One time, a bro bought 30 of these hot sauce kits. True story. He’s a legend in our book.


3. Beard Treatment ($29): You’re a highly refined man. Get this concoction for the beard that demands respect.


4. Laces Out Freaker ($10): Keep your brewski cool with the laces out. A staple for Sunday night football or when throwing the pigskin around.


5. Sup Doormat ($50): They’ll know you’re a man of few words before stepping through the door.


6. Key Smart ($22): A minimal key ring with maximum strength. And essential add-ons, like the bottle opener, for instance.


7. Beer Brewing Kit ($45): You’re on your way to becoming a master brewer. Now try your hand at crafting beer you don’t even need to leave the house for.


8. Hangover Preventative Fortifier ($13): Night out with the boys but seeing your better half for brunch the next day? That means no hangover, dude.


9. Bacon Six Ways ($59): Man’s best friend. There’s no need to explain this one. Bacon. Get it. Now.


10. Cold Bruer ($75): Take your morning cold brew in style on your next camping trip. Or the kitchen. It’s up to you.


11. BBQ Sauce Trio ($24): Hey, grill master. Test out a couple of Carolina regional sauces at your next BBQ.


12. Bacon Kit ($24): Make your own delicious homemade bacon with the assistance of this kit.


13. Campfire Cologne ($13): Get the lumbersexual scent of cooking over the fireplace right at your fingertips.


14. Craft Your Own Bitters Kit ($65): Know your bitter, son. And look handsome and sophisticated doing it.

What item did you pick up, dude? Talk to us in the comment section below.