We’re always looking for an extra dose of motivation to stick to our fitness goals, and we’ve tried everything from trendy fitness classes to meditating to stay committed. But according to certified fitness trainers, sports models, and former Division 1 Track and Field stars Lauren and Kelly Collins, there’s one key thing we may be missing: getting our burn on with our sisters.


“Working out as sisters motivates us to train harder because there’s an endless amount of support and encouragement, rather than an underlying competition toward one another,” Lauren and Kelly tell us. So instead of succumbing to sibling rivalry, these amazing ladies decided to work together and create their very own fitness brand called SISSFiT designed specifically to inspire, empower, and educate women to stay healthier on the daily.

“There’s so much underlying competition between women these days, and it was important to learn early on that we had the choice of either being sucked into this toxic environment or standing strong and creating a space where we could both succeed at the highest level,” Lauren and Kelly share. “Whether we’re in the same city or halfway across the world, we can exchange workouts and continue pushing each other to be our very best.”

As part of their effort to help all women achieve their fitness goals, the ladies created their eight-week Elevate Program ($70) to help absolutely anyone up their fitness game, and we’re *obsessed.* All of the workouts are 35 minutes or less and require almost no equipment. “We understand what it’s like to have hectic schedules and wanted to simplify that aspect of life with sustainable workouts focused on creating lean, strong, and toned bodies,” the sisters say.

So when the duo offered us a sneak peek at the program to show our body some love this spring, we obviously couldn’t resist. Even if you can’t physically get together with your sister (or sister from another mister!) for a quick workout, video chat them tonight and get your sweat on together with this supercharged workout freebie.


  • Do a five-minute warm-up.
  • Do each workout in Circuit 1 for one-minute (yep, as many reps as you can do). Repeat the circuit three times total (12 minutes).
  • Take a one-minute break (grab some water!) and then crush three rounds of Circuit 2.
  • Rest one minute.
  • Do one round of Circuit 1 and one round of Circuit 2.
  • High five ya sister, then stretch and cool-down for at least five minutes. You both killed it!
SISSFiT Spring Break

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(Photos via Lauren and Kelly Collins)