We live in an age of digital cameras, meaning it’s getting more and more rare to ever print out a photo to display in your home. And the lack of friend and family photos in a living room is kind of… well, sad. While we’re not about to go back to carrying around disposable cameras, then anxiously awaiting at the one-hour developer to see just what the heck we snapped up, there is a solution. Skylight is a Kickstarter-funded photo frame that lets you send photos right from your phone to your living room picture frame.


After feeling guilty about never sending photos home, a group of Harvard grads set out to find a realistic, modern-day solution. What they created was a picture frame that comes with its own e-mail address. When you email a photo to the address, it magically appears in the frame. If you’re sending this photo to your mom’s or dad’s or friend’s Skylight photo frame, once the photo comes through, they can tap the heart in the corner and it will automatically send a thank you note for you picture. We know our moms are going to want to get on the phone to talk about it, but we think it’s great they can do both.


Obviously, this is great for parents and grandparents, but we think you could take it further and send cute pictures of your day or notes to your friends’ or significant others’ desk, always keeping their office photos current. Plus, we can’t get over how amazing it would be to walk through the door and see new pictures on our walls, without ever changing them out by hand.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 6.03.26 PM

Think about all of the cute announcements you could send through Skylight — engagements, pregnancies, promotions — all the things your family wants to see. These photo frames retail for $119, but if you pre-order yours, you can get it for $109. We think this is such a great use of Harvard minds — keeping us connected to those we love most.

Who would you most like to send a Skylight to? Have you thought of any creative ways to use it? Let us know in the comments.