You know when you see something and wish you could Freaky Friday it up and turn into a kid for the day? No? You don’t feel that way… frequently? Well, we do. The world of innovation in the kids department blows us away on the daily. Whether it’s as futuristic as a pacifier that syncs with your smartphone to track your baby’s temperature or as simple as a new and improved sippy cup, there’s always something new that we’re crushing on. Today that thing is SlideRider, a mat that turns your stairs into a slide!

Currently in the stage of product development over at Quirky, this slide is pretty much every child’s dream… and every adult child’s dream too ;)

I know I personally spent many a Saturday morning racing down our carpeted stairs in a sleeping bag, trying to prove to my way-older bro just how cool I was. If only I had the SlideRider, I would have really killed it!

The material seems to be similar to a gymnastics mat, and folds up into a base for storage. The colors are fun, making it at home in any kid’s room. Oh, and it would totally fit the interior design scene at Brit HQ as well!

All in all, we will definitely be following the development of this creative product.

What do you think of the SlideRider? Would you ride it, or let your kids? Talk to us in the comments below.

Thanks to Method for helping us launch Brit Kids!