It’s no secret that sleep plays a critical role in your health and happiness. Little to no sleep can lead to the telltale signs of burnout that impact your productivity, and can even lead to you napping at work. Yikes! Whether you suffer from insomnia, work the graveyard shift or are just generally a light sleeper, it can be tough trying to get decent shut-eye. If you’ve ever imagined a world where sleep always comes easy and you wake up every morning refreshed and energized, rest assured that it’s now a reality.


Enter DreamScience ($100), a smart sleep companion and alarm clock that relies on brainwaves to guarantee a better night’s sleep. Aside from its sleek round design that just oozes modern style, the smart gadget comes impressively equipped with 20 built-in nature-themed soundscapes, including an audio line-in to play music from another device. It also includes six different mood lights to enhance the overall ambient experience and ensure a more relaxed body and mind.

There are plenty of other sleep products to choose from, but unlike its competitors, DreamScience features two clinically proven technologies that help users reduce stress, restore energy and improve focus. Its patented Sleep Enhancement Technology induces sleep by gradually lowering the volume and slowing the rhythm of the music. This technology is then combined with “Brainwave Embedded Sounds,” or audio signals that cue specific brainwaves to stimulate your mind’s wakeful beta waves to gently and naturally rouse the listener from sleep. Talk about a seriously smart sleep gadget!


Once you get your DreamScience, simply pop in AA batteries or an AC/DC adaptor and you’re on your way to getting a better night’s sleep. Any troubles you may have had with falling asleep, staying asleep and getting up easily are now a thing of the past with this seriously cool science.

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