Technology makes all of our lives easier in one way or another. Whether it鈥檚 gadgets that make it fun to keep in touch with friends, family or pups from across the globe, apps that聽manage your busy schedule or apps that help you sleep , tech does so much for you. Show your fave gadgets some love in return with these killer accessories that will simply your life.


1. TrackR Bravo in Silver ($30): Jazz up your keys with this super sleek and ultra-useful key tracker. No matter where you go or what you do, you鈥檒l never misplace your keys again. All you need is a smartphone and you鈥檙e ready to go!


2. TrackR Wallet TrackR ($25): If you tend to lose your wallet more than your keys, TrackR has got you covered for that too. Slip this little nugget into your wallet or purse and whenever you can鈥檛 find it, you鈥檙e only seconds away from having your most prized possession back in your hands.


3. Petcube Camera ($200): If you ever find yourself at work daydreaming about how your pup or kitten is coping while you鈥檙e gone all day (what pet mom doesn鈥檛?), Petcube is just what you need. Find out what your baby is up to whenever you want, straight from your phone.


4. Bando Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): This portable charger is the ultimate tech accessory 鈥 chic and functional. When you鈥檝e gotta boot backup, you certainly won鈥檛 be hiding this beauty in your desk drawer.


5. Iskelter Beauty Station ($70): Turn your iPad into an ultra-modern and tech-based vanity with this gorgeous wooden beauty station. It鈥檚 got everything you need to get glammed up wherever you are, and the best part is that a selfie is just a tap away.


6. Toymail WiFi Walkie-Talkie Messaging Toy ($60): Toymail lets you send voice messages to this adorable little receptacle from anyone with the app, whether it鈥檚 mom or dad at work or grandma across the country. Mail has never been so fun!


7. Leeo Smart Alert for iOS and Android ($50): If you鈥檝e got pets or anything else irreplaceable at home (AKA everyone), then this little piece of technology awesomeness is a must-have. It lets you know via an app if your fire or carbon monoxide detectors go off when you鈥檙e away, giving you peace of mind.


8. Shaughnessy White Marble iPhone Case ($30): The most central piece of tech in all of our lives is probably our phone. Keep yours protected and looking super fly with this white marble iPhone case. It adds a cool and sturdy feel to your device and will ensure that it stays crack-free too.


9. Bando Power Trip Car Charger and Wall Plug ($32): White? No, thank you. There鈥檚 no reason chargers have to be so boring, and this pretty car charger and wall plug hybrid is evidence of that. Pink, please!


10. Bando Giant GeM Speaker ($40): If you鈥檙e the kind of girl who鈥檚 always up on new music and is the de facto DJ at all of your parties, this portable gem speaker is the tech accessory you need. It鈥檒l keep the tunes flowing at a level that everyone can hear.


11. Bhold Bheard Sound Pod ($35): If you don鈥檛 need the full-blown speaker treatment but still want a little extra oomph for your phone tunes, this sound pod is the happy medium you鈥檙e looking for. No hookups or power necessary 鈥 just drop it in and go.


12. Iskelter Classic Station ($30): If you鈥檙e the kinda gal who likes everything to be in place or you鈥檙e the gal that鈥檚 trying to get there by adding a little more organization to her life, this station is for you. Keep all your essentials organized with this little wooden gem. It鈥檚 perfect for a desk or the spot in your home where you drop everything when you come in the door.


13. Iskelter Slate Mobile AirDesk ($100): If you need the tech org to encompass more than just your phone, this AirDesk will do the trick. If you move around a lot and gotta take all your stuff with you, this mobile desk will keep everything in place.

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