Ah, the movies. There is nothing better than popping up a bowl of popcorn, snuggling down with your S.O. and turning on Netflix. People love their movies. They’re an incredible vehicle for stories and have the means of reaching a vast audience — in fact, you’ve probably dreamed about a story or two you’d like to tell the world yourself. But the technicalities of actually making a movie, like buying editing software and an expensive movie camera, may have put the kibosh on your dreams.

Well, not anymore. With your iPhone’s high-quality camera capable of shooting magazine editorial-quality photos and technology completely changing the way you shop, why not use your smart gadgets to film a feature-length movie? All you need are the right cases. Here are five cases that will turn your iPhone/iPad into a movie camera.


1. iOgrapher ($60): The iOgrapher’s awesome setup comes with a tripod and double handles on both sides for steady filming. It also has two cold shoes on top so you can attach a light + a mic, rather than having to select one or the other. Not to mention, this is one budget-friendly option.


2. Hitcase PRO Action Pack ($150): The Hitcase is perfect for shooting those out-of-doors action shots. Not only does it come with a tripod for the still shots, but the case itself is equipped with interchangeable lenses, so your mise-en-scène will get the screen time it deserves. Not to mention, the case itself is shockproof + waterproof. Action shots!


3. Lumenati ($249): First of all, the Lumenati’s design is so cool, but this baby isn’t just about looks. It’s also a high-powered filmmaking machine that comes with its own editing software. The easy trigger button automatically starts filming so you never miss a thing. Plus, it comes in multiple colors!


4. mCAMLITE ($130): This heavy aluminum case ensures that your hands will be steady while the camera is on. It comes with a super powered 37 mm Wide Angle/Macro Combo lens for versatile filming. You can also attach a 180° directional microphone for perfect sound quality. The case itself was designed to let you customize it with whatever gear and lenses you’d like.


5. Padcaster ($159): The Padcaster system is seriously legit. Made for pretty much every version of iPad out there, this setup transforms your tablet into a movie-making powerhouse. Not only does it have a full-sized shoulder rig, tripod, microphone + light attachments, but it comes with a slew of possible attachments and additions that pretty much solve every movie-making issue you could have.

What do you think about using your smartphone or tablet like a movie camera? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t USA Today)