If you鈥檝e made it this far in life without some skeletons in your closet, then we commend you on being the world鈥檚 most perfect human. But if you鈥檝e got a secret or two tucked away 鈥 no matter how big or small 鈥 then Creative Time鈥檚 new art commission was tailor-made for you. Finally, you鈥檒l be able to get those secrets off your chest in the most dramatic and artistic way possible: by cemetery burial and ritual fire.

鈥淗ere Lie the Secrets of the Visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery鈥 is the brainchild of French conceptual artist Sophie Calle. For the next 25 years, visitors to Brooklyn, New York鈥檚 Green-Wood Cemetery will have the opportunity to submit their secrets to the art exhibition. The secrets will stay encased in a marble obelisk designed by the artist, until they are burned periodically, in ceremonial bonfires led by Calle.

The art exhibit kicks off on April 29 and 30, so book your tickets ASAP if you want your confessions to be the first ones in the scandalous pot. In-between pouring our heart out and letting things go, visitors will also get the chance to take a tour of the historical Green-Wood Cemetery. While we can鈥檛 guarantee you鈥檒l run into any ghosts, you鈥檒l definitely be in the presence of past memories.

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(h/t Art News, Photo via Getty/Spencer Platt)