We’ve all tried to organize our cords around the house and office, but those darn earbuds always find a way to tangle themselves into a mess. No matter how neatly you wrap the cord or how carefully you place them into your pocket, they always manage to come out like a ball of chaos. And sure, Quirky has made valiant efforts in taming the beast with Folio and Props, yet nothing has managed to make the tangling a thing of the past. This Kickstarter is about to keep your earbuds organized forever.

Usually, the main issue with earbud-cord wraps is the bulk, but Spoolee’s flexible and portable design keeps your cord in place without taking up too much space. To reel up your cord, you slip the Spoolee onto your index finger, wrap the cord around and strap over the Velcro to keep your cord in place. To unravel your earbuds, just slip the Spoolee on your index finger, unclasp the Velcro and pull the earbuds away from your finger. The best part is that the earbuds jack is looped through a hole so that your Spoolee won’t get separated from your earbuds.

Spoolee is made of neoprene, which is soft enough to squish into small pockets and durable enough to go on hiking and biking adventures with you. It’s super light, so you won’t have to worry about it adding much weight. Spoolee comes in five different colors, which you can choose from if you pledge $9 on their Kickstarter page. Spoolee can be delivered anywhere, and if you pledge before December 1st, you’ll get your very own Spoolee by February.

Spoolee has already almost quadrupled their fundraising goal with over 1,000 backers and those numbers just keep skyrocketing to up un-spoolee-vable heights ;)

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