Our lives revolve around technology… and then, technology manages to wrap itself around our feet… and our chair leg… and what?!… our dog?!?! It’s so frustrating to not know which cord goes where or to need one and find it wrapped in a million knots. And while we’ve found some cool pieces of organization you can buy, DIYing it is a snap with some creative tricks for cord organization. Not only will you feel more organized, but your cords will be way cuter! (Yes, dreams do come true.)

1. Arrow Organizers: How adorbs are these little arrows? With just some leather scraps and firm wire, you can make some wraps that make everything better by pointing your tidiness in the right direction. (via Monster Circus)

2. Poppy Nature Accents: Get those cords off the floor with these leaf clips. We didn’t believe it was possible, but these little clips almost make us not mind looking at a wall-creeping cord. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Washi Tape + Leather Snap: Our old friend washi tape shows up again, and, here, a pretty leather snap keeps the whole cord neatly coiled up. (via Design Love Fest)

4. Cardboard Roll: Stuff cords into cardboard or toilet paper rolls then wrap with washi tape and label them so you know where they belong. (via Our Thrifty Ideas)

5. DIY Owl Cord Organizer: All you need is some felt and snaps to make these adorable clips! Wouldn’t these be the perfect gifts for that person who always has knots in their earbuds? (via Punk Projects)

6. Twisty Ties: Use washi tape to dress up boring old twist ties; it’s fast and a cinch and turns into something you actually want to look at. (via The Homesteady)

7. Leather Cord Roll: Think of it like a chic roll-up for all things tech! This case is perfect for traveling so you can take all your cords with you without them tangling themselves up in your bag. (via Brit + Co)

8. Toilet Roll Extension Cord Holder: Add some paint or decorative paper to a less-than-glamorous toilet paper roll, and you’ve got a cost-effective cord storage solution that’s still extremely effective and easy on the eyes. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Tape Flags: Easily keep track of which cord is which by putting colorful labels on them. (via The Neighborhood)

10. Clothespin Clips: Add some paint or washi tape for this super simple DIY that keeps your cords exactly where they need to be. (via Buzzfeed)

11. Leather Bows: Cute and feminine, these leather bows are easy to make. They are perfect for throwing your earbuds or phone charger into your purse. They barely take up any room and look oh-so charming. (via Monsters Circus)

What tricks do you use to keep all your cords untangled and organized? Talk to us in the comments below!