That whole can鈥檛 sleep ordeal? Not exactly an equation we can get behind. We鈥檙e all about achieving a healthy, energized lifestyle, and one of the key pillars of that is some quality shut-eye (and okay, can green smoothies be a pillar too?). If you feel like you aren鈥檛 getting enough rest (six hours of sleep a night doesn鈥檛 cut it), you鈥檙e not alone. More than one third of Americans don鈥檛 get enough sleep. For some expert secrets on getting a happy night of ZZZs, we talked to Jamie Diamonstein, the cofounder of stellar mattress company Leesa Sleep. Jamie鈥檚 top 10 tips for sleeping better during springtime will have you ready to hit the hay.

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1. Trade your winter-ready flannel sheets for lightweight cotton. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to spend a fortune on high thread counts, but choose something light-colored (darker sheets can actually absorb heat from light in your bedroom during the day and retain it) and lightweight that feels good against your skin 鈥 preferably something made from natural fibers,鈥 Jamie advised. Now, if you鈥檒l excuse us, we鈥檙e ditching those navy blue stunners for some pale pastel beauts that鈥檒l take us into fall.

2. Update your home鈥檚 scentscape. That鈥檚 just a fancy way of saying infuse some beautiful spring smells into your household! 鈥淐omforting, muskier scents for winter can feel suffocating for spring, so switch them out for light, clean scents like lemon and florals,鈥 said Jamie. 鈥淏onus: It brings the outdoors in, but without the potential for allergies.鈥

3. Crank up your AC. Well, now you have a legit excuse to toss out if your roommate pries as to why your electric bill climbed up. 鈥淭he body鈥檚 temperature naturally hits its lowest during sleep, as all the body鈥檚 processes slow down. Help things along by keeping your bedroom cool, especially as the temperatures outside heat up,鈥 Jamie advised. No AC? Turn on that good ol鈥 fashioned bedroom fan.

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4. Address your allergies. Ah, pollen. Spring allergies are atrocious, no surprise there. 鈥淐oughing, sneezing and itchy eyes can keep you awake at night and keep you from feeling rested,鈥 said Jamie. So taking control of your allergies can actually help you sleep better. 鈥淲hatever remedy has worked for you in the past (seeing your doctor, natural remedies, staying away from certain types of plants etc.), make sure you鈥檙e doing it consistently.鈥

5. Eat seasonally. 鈥淵our body naturally gets more of certain nutrients during specific seasons, which means it can be low on others. Read up on foods to eat more of in spring 鈥 foods that can support your body鈥檚 production of melatonin, which is necessary for quality sleep,鈥 Jamie explained. Speaking of melatonin, did we mention Sleep Spray?

6. Wash your dog daily. We know it can take ten minutes, but it鈥檚 worth it for all those extra hours of sleep you may bank as a result. 鈥淚f your pet goes outside and you sleep with them, you might need to wash them off daily in the spring to limit allergens in your bed,鈥 Jamie recommended. You can take a wet washcloth and rub your dog off from head to toe instead of giving them a full-on daily bath, which would risk drying out their skin.

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7. Limit the blue light from technology. File this under must-do: 鈥淏an technology from the bedroom 鈥 or, if you just can鈥檛 bear to ban it completely, use Apple鈥檚 new night shift feature to limit the blue light from your iPhone,鈥 Jamie suggested. Wake up in the middle of the night and tempted to look at your Facebook and Insta before closing your eyes again? Don鈥檛 do it.

8. Do some spring cleaning. From closet to pantry, get it girl! Jamie elaborated: 鈥淒e-clutter your space 鈥 specifically your bedroom. It鈥檒l make you feel more relaxed and put you in the right headspace to drift away.鈥 It鈥檚 all about creating a space and ritual that makes you feel super comfortable and ready to get some ZZZs, so at the very least, make your bed daily.

9. Change your AC filter. Go ahead, you know it鈥檚 looooong overdue. 鈥淭he quality of air you breathe can affect your sleep, so change your filter now to make sure you鈥檙e breathing the cleanest air possible. Experts recommend swapping it out once a month during the seasons that you use the AC the most,鈥 shared Jamie.

10. Keep a consistent sleep schedule. We can鈥檛 stress how super important this one is! 鈥淭his can be tough in spring since the hours of daylight change so drastically 鈥 and so quickly 鈥 but keeping a consistent sleep schedule (during the week/weekend and in the change from winter/spring) will help make sure your body鈥檚 internal clock isn鈥檛 disrupted and you鈥檙e getting all the sleep you naturally need,鈥 offered Jamie.

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