No doubt, our favorite March holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. What could be better than a day dedicated to embracing all things Irish, sampling some brews, eating green things and throwing a party with our roomies? Umm, nothing. Nothing looks better than that schedule. So get ready to toss on something green and try one of these 13 awesomely themed designs for a little extra Irish pride.

1. Shamrock Nail Art: More of a low-key St. Paddy’s Day gal? Simple and cute, this mani makes a subtle shamrock statement. (via Miss Jen Fabulous)


2. Marble Green: Go from day to night to next day with this marble-looking design. It works for St. Patrick’s Day parties and early meetings the next morning. (via Never Too Much Glitter)


3. Green Skittles: Have so much Irish energy you can’t seem to make up your mind? This mani has a dash of everything. (via Nails by Kayla Shevonne)


4. Tri-Tone Taping: Three’s perfect company with this sparkly, tri-tone look. (via Polish Hound)


5. St. Patrick’s Nails: If you believe St. Paddy’s Day is the best holiday ever created, say it loud and proud with this gilded, colorful manicure. It’s a total nail-art jackpot. (via Craftynail)


6. Ireland-Inspired Real Clover Nails: If you don’t trust yourself to paint a clover, let nature lend you a hand. (via Nerdy for Nails)


7. Glitter Gold Contrast: Keep it classy with this bold, glittery statement nail. (via Glitter and Nails)

8. St. Patrick’s Day Rilakkuma Nails: What could be cuter than little leprechauns? Little Japanese bears like Rilakkuma, of course. This Irish-themed, Japanese-infused mani might be our new favorite international combo. (via Elle and Dish)


9. Green Ombre Stripe Nail: Ombre hair may be so last year, but it shall live on in our nail designs.


10. Fancy Schmancy Nails: Headed to a St. Patrick’s Day event that’s more black tie than beer garden? Try this elegant design. (via Minted Strawberry)


11. Mermaid Nails: Green. Gold. Scales. Nothing could look more fairytale-like and Irish-esque than this 3D mani. (via Polish All the Nails)


12. Green Polka Dot Nails: This manicure is just too cute. With a two-tone polka-dot look, they’ll stand out against a more neutral outfit. (via Spektor’s Nails)

13. Nail Art for St. Patrick’s Day: OMG. This mani takes St. Paddy’s Day nails to the next level. We’re thinking it would be okay to rock that pot o’ gold design year-round, right? (via Cute Polish)

Think you’ll try one of these designs for St. Paddy’s Day? Share in the comments below.