Starbucks giveth and they taketh away. At least that’s the theme this week when it comes to news revolving around the coffee co.

After revealing the official return date of the PSL the company must have known eager customers would be a little impatient for the return of the fall fave. That’s why the coffeehouse that now sells alcohol just debuted two new limited edition Frappuccino flavors for us to indulge in for the final days of summer. In the process they also slyly eliminated one of their popular foods for the time being too. AHHH!!

Blackberries and Creme Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino

1. The Good News: New Frappuccino Flavors: If you haven’t gotten your hands on the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino still you better get busy because now there are two more options for you to indulge in. To honor the late return of the PSL due to Labor Day happening a week later than usual the coffee brewer is releasing Blackberries + Crème and Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccinos until September 7 so we all can end summer on a sweet note. The Blackberries + Crème Frappuccino is a blend of blackberries, vanilla bean, milk and ice, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon dolce sprinkles while the Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino is a combo of strawberries, strawberry juice, vanilla bean, hazelnut syrup, milk and ice, topped with whipped cream. Guess they forgot the coffee for these two treats ;)

starbucks bagel

2. The Bad News: No More Bagels: Now for the bad news. Cosmopolitan reports the coffee chain has stopped selling its bagels due to “quality issues.” A rep told the publication the stores are “currently experiencing a temporary outage of plain, multigrain, everything and blueberry bagels.” Have no fear though as they should be back in their rightful window displays soon as the Seattle-based company said they are working with their bagel suppliers to end the shortage. Make the right sub and just get a breakfast sandwich until they make their comeback.

Are you excited about the two new limited time only Frappuccino flavors? Are you mega bummed about the bagel outage? Or do you just really want a PSL? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @starbucks, @starbucks + Starbucks)