Is there anything in the world better than candy? No, probably not. It’s good on its own (hellooooo leftover Easter candy), it can be repurposed for creative or culinary purposes, and it makes the perfect companion for your next Kimmy Schmidt binge-watching sesh. But sometimes the sweets you love come with unwanted hangers-on. You know the ones: the flavors you could live without, but which you actually can’t live without if you want the good stuff. You have to buy the whole bag and either choke down the ones you don’t like or find someone on whom to pawn them off.


One candy company has heard our collective prayers and decided to answer them. Starburst is now selling packages of just the pink and red flavors, aptly titled Starburst FaveReds. No lemon, no orange, no weird New Coke-esque açai berry candies. Just those sweet original tastes we all know and love. Strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, cherry — together at last. As it should be.

If you’re a diehard orange and lemon fan, there’s no judgment here, of course. To each her own! Hopefully Starburst will soon have a package coming out for the yellow-and-orange-heads. In the meantime, you can get FaveReds just about everywhere — a 14-oz bag will set you back around $2.50 at Walmart.

Now we just have to get to work convincing every other candy company to follow Starburst’s lead, right?

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(Photo via Walmart)