Have you ever had a crazy idea that you thought was way too out there to become a reality? Let us remind you that there are startups that let you rent a stranger to go partying with, allow you to order tacos that are delivered by drones and even send revenge letters that are filled with glitter. And now that your “crazy idea” is sounding a little more reasonable, Startup Stash can guide you through all the steps of becoming a successful startup.


Startup Stash has a minimalistic layout that makes it super easy to navigate through different categories like design, marketing and analytics. Each category has 10 great resources that were specifically selected by Startup Stash’s founder, Bram Kanstein. With a total of 40 categories, there are 400 helpful sites for you to utilize and learn from. And if you know of an awesome resource that Kanstein must’ve missed, you can send it in to be considered. This site is like an encyclopedia of startups, and it’s only growing. Kanstein is planning to add product management, task management and revenue categories, just to name a few.


We especially love how Startup Stash isn’t just links to various resources, but also integrated with sites for inspiration. Whether you’re looking to take your startup to the next level or you’re just starting out, Startup Stash is definitely worth checking out.

P.S. We’re hoping this means there are going to be more drone taco delivery startups.

Which category is your startup working on? What’s your favorite resource on Startup Stash?

(h/t Business Insider)