There’s nothing like having freshly painted nails in a color that totally speaks to you. Maybe you’re someone who gravitates toward candy apple reds — you can’t go wrong with a classic — but every so often, a moody blue or punchy orange might grab your attention. While we all have our go-to shades, did you ever think that each state also has their own signature hue? Polyvore and Allure set out to figure out what the most searched shade in each state was and the results of the findings were surprising and entertaining to say the least.


People in Arkansas search for green glitter nail polish the most, which is a super specific polish type that we definitely weren’t expecting to make the list. Iowans opted for punchy orange shades, while nail polish lovers in Maine searched for the exact opposite — clear nail polish — more than any other color. It’s really no surprise that Texans love a glitzy gold nail (go big or go home, right?) with Californians and New Yorkers following suit with their most searched color being rose gold. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some states opt for seriously dark shades. New Mexico’s go-to hue is black glitter, Louisiana’s is straight up black and Ohio prefers a matte black color. Some states are serious neutral-lovers, though — maybe it’s because you can get away with a few chips with shades that are forgiving like nudes, light pinks, pearls and grays. Kentuckians and Arizonans paint on pearl shades while Michigan manicure enthusiasts slick on light gray. Who knew?!


Regardless of which color is your favorite, it’s all about the application and maintenance of a mani. Get extra life out of your painted nails by creating nail art over chips, using a fast drying top coat and putting Vaseline on your cuticles before you get to painting. For more mani inspo, peep the full list of each state’s most searched nail polish shade here.

What is your go-to manicure color? Share your fave in the comments below.