Whether you’re painting the town red or going to a black-tie affair, sometimes it can be hard to find something gorgeous and chic that you actually feel good about buying. And no, we’re not necessarily talking about price tags. We’re talking about environmentally-friendly clothes, and we’re applauding Stella McCartney for becoming the first solo designer to make an entirely green collection.

Drawing quite a crowd at London’s Fashion Week, McCartney released her new Green Carpet Collection to fans and celebrities at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. The collection includes ball gowns, shoes and accessories.

But the most interesting feature of the collection isn’t the clothes themselves, it’s how they’re made — with only recycled and sustainably certified materials. McCartney has developed a new, organic fabric that’s socially and ethically sustainable, adhering to the rules outlined by the Green Carpet Challenge for designers around the world. McCartney has already been praised for her use of vegan fabrics in previous collections, but this is dedication to an entirely new level.

McCartney shows that fashion can still be as good to the earth as it is on our bods. She says the collection is helping her push boundaries and stereotypes of sustainable fashion by “proving that it is possible to create and deliver beautiful, luxurious evening wear causing little to no harm to the environment.”

We absolutely love the idea of fashion that’s good for the environment, even if it’s not so good on our wallets. But hey, if it’s for a good cause, might as well spend, right?

Would you wear these green fashions? Which celebs to you hope to see on the red carpet in one of these creations? Let us know below!