If you’re up in the Northeast we’re going to take a stab in the dark and say it’s probably looking pretty snowy outside your window. Whether you spent the day snuggled up with a book, building a snowman or capturing your city all dressed up in white, today seemed to be a pretty epic snow day for a whole lot of folks. While you warm up by the fire, take a glance at how these 20 people got through #stormageddon.

1. Light Lunch: Her caption says it best: “Eating snowflakes for lunch because everywhere else is closed.” (via @threadzippertape)

2. Sledding Party: Because how often will you see this in NYC on a Tuesday? (via @christianelemieux)

3. Frosted Tips: Forget about the bauble beards, we’re all about icicles as the newest beard accessory. (via @andy_trl)

4. Simply Scenic: Whoa. Winter wonderland, is that you? (via @jakeinthebay6)

5. Donut Day: This wise, wise woman took advantage of her snow day by hitting up a line-free Dominique Ansel for a cronut! (via @chardonnaymoi)

6. Paw-fect Day: This little dude is STOKED. (via @youngpepperct)

7. Beer for Days: When life gives you snow… make a fridge. We’re not sure if this is real, but it is really awesome. (via @f1n.3urn2)

8. Central Park Skiing: Nothing like a bit of cross country skiing the middle of the Big Apple. (via @ricagudelo)

9. Solo Explorations: It might be freezing, but the Bethesda Fountain covered in snow is looking all kinds of majestic. (via @saunakspace)

10. Laptop Living: Today’s office is looking pretty cozy, eh? (via @alyssagoesbang)

11. Chilly Cheer: Now that’s one girl who is seriously enjoying her snow day. (via @fiinamina)

12. Igloo Living: These two have clearly mastered the snowman and moved onto bigger and better things. (via @sar_tor)

13. Miniature Frosty: Who needs stick arms when you have asparagus? (via @yukix11)

14. Sweat and Snow: Nothing like a topless run during Stormageddon for a morning pick-me-up. (via @briannanicole8694)

15. Ivy League in Icicles: Harvard, you look damn good all dressed in winter white. (via @huntingboston)

16. A Drink With a View: Cheers to a enjoying a snow day without actually having to deal with the snow. (via @ar0n)

17. Snow and Fur: Giant snowball or tiny pup? You decide. (via @mooremusings)

18. Rainbow Meets Snow: Tom Fruin‘s glass house adds a little bit of color to a total white-out. (via @v1ckyrozay)

19. The Lone Commuter: Somebody get this guy a coat! (via @newbery.nyc)

20. No Snow Day: Meanwhile, in California… (via @meltoogood)

How did you spend your snow day? Share you pictures with us on Instagram!