Stranger Things may not premiere for a few more hours (check back at midnight — eee!), but already, there’s reason to be excited… or freaked out, depending! A series Easter egg has just popped up on the Netflix homepage, and it’s all we can do to keep our cool as we come face to face (er, screen to screen) with its dreaded shadowy monster.

To see what we mean, simply head to the Netflix’s homepage, where you just may notice that a countdown to the second season of the popular ‘80s-based horror series has been featured. If the blood red sky and massive monster in the distance aren’t enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, then point your peepers over to the very right of your screen, where a webbed flashing red dot resides next to the “Welcome to Hawkins” sign.

Netflix homepage Stranger Things season two Easter egg

As anyone who’s seen the show knows, the image represents a portal to the Upside Down, and should you click it, you’ll instantly be whisked away into a virtual version of the nether-region, filled with blue light, creepy roots, and an ominous pulsing sound.

With nothing but your cursor for a flashlight, you’ll still be able see the normal Netflix homepage peeking through, though it’s mostly distorted and hard to access. Wait around too long or click on a title, however, and you’ll be met with an eerie surprise — THE DEMOGORGON.

Luckily, you’re certain to fare better than poor Barb, as all you need to do to escape back to your reality is simply click on the “x” at the top right corner of the screen.

A little bit creepy and a whole lotta fun, this Easter egg is just a little something *extra* to get you psyched for the show’s second installment, and it definitely worked: We officially can NOT wait!

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(Photos via Michael Kovac/Getty + Netflix)