Are you looking for a fresh way to deck the halls this year? While classic holiday string lights hold a special place in our hearts, we think it鈥檚 time to take these bulbs to the next level. We鈥檙e talking brag-worthy string lights that folks will 鈥渙oooh鈥 and 鈥渁hhh鈥 at when they walk through your door. We鈥檝e rounded up 20 rad strands to buy and DIY this holiday season! Why so rad, you ask? Because while all of these string lights are December-friendly, you can also keep them up after the holidays without any neighbors making snarky comments! Talk about a bright idea ;)

1. Hot Mama Chili Pepper Lights ($17): Spice up your life (and/or your walls) with these cute Casa Noel chili pepper lights. You can definitely keep these babies up post-Navidad.

2. Paper Ranunculus String Lights: Add a floral touch to your standard string lights with our very own ranunculi lights DIY.

3. DIY Ping Pong Ball Cafe Lights: Our pal Liz Stanley over at Say Yes did this lovely DIY using ping pong balls and multicolored caf茅 lights. Cool, right? (We also love how she reinvented the DIY for Halloween!)

4. Edison String Lights ($40): Make your kitchen or patio feel like that fave chic cafe of yours with these CB2 bulbs.

5. DIY Colorful Globe String Lights: These adorable lights? Yeah, they鈥檙e made with CHEESE CLOTH. We鈥檙e trying this ASAP.

6. Star Wars R2D2 String Lights ($32): May the fluorescent force be with you all year long with these awesome R2D2 lights.

7. Clip String Lights ($24): Um, way to be GENIUS, Urban Outfitters. We鈥檒l be using these to hang all of our Christmas cards this year.

8. OnceWed DIY Lighted Paper Pennant Garland: We鈥檙e into any string lights that double as a garland :)

9. Bright Lab String Lights ($30): A buy and DIY all in one! Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! is the mastermind behind Bright Lab, where you can choose the color combo for your lights. Bonus: they look just as great when they鈥檙e not plugged in.

10. DIY Ribbon Tassel Lights: Deck the halls with this festive ribbon DIY. And how fun would these look lining your patio umbrella in spring and summer?

11. Pineapple String Lights ($20): Tropical Christmas soiree, anyone? Check out these lights in the B+C Shop.

12. StudioDIY DIY Fringe String Lights: Crepe paper makes these plain string lights something to talk about. These are definitely New-Year鈥檚-Eve friendly, too!

13. Flamingo String Lights ($15): Have a very quirky Christmas with these charming flamingoes, then string these dudes poolside for year-round festivities :)

14. Cotton Candy Lights: This DIY string light would be especially sweet to hang in your breakfast nook or little one鈥檚 room.

15. DIY Vellum Globe Lights: Make your garden trees glow with our super easy globe lights DIY.

16. Lit Hanging Rainlights ($50): Weave these Pottery Barn branches through your front-door wreath for an extra-special holiday garland. (We鈥檙e swooning over these ones.)

17. Rosebud Lights ($28): If we鈥檙e seeing through rose-colored glasses, we鈥檙e not complaining :) Add these blushing strands to any room for a downright dreamy atmosphere.

18. LED Wire String Lights, Battery Operated ($15): The decor possibilities are endless for these must-have battery-operated lights. Wrap tree branches, line a bar cart, garnish a gift, fill a vase, make your dog wear them for this year鈥檚 Christmas card鈥 the list goes on and on!

19. Oh Happy Day! DIY Candy Lights: Alright, this takes the cake as the most original string light DIY we鈥檝e seen out there. Such a smart use of cellophane!

20. Tinsel String Lights ($39): Vickerman sure knows how to tastefully use tinsel. Scoop up these festive lights in purple, red or yellow in the B+C Shop.

Which string lights light up your life? Let us know in the comments below!