Everyone takes online classes for different reasons. Sarah Mecke took our Calligraphy 101 online class (and other business and design classes) to help her paper goods brand stand out. Kristen Risinger took our Paper Flowers online class to get her through a tough moment in her life.


Our newest student story is about Sam Teich. She’s a NYC creative professional who also took our Calligraphy 101 online class. With a love for lettering and doodling, she wanted to take this class to learn how to teach this creative skill. And to ultimately make a business out of sharing her unique style of calligraphy with others.

This is Sam’s story, in her own words:

So how did she get started? Sam’s 9-5 had her in front of a computer most days. As such, she was looking for a creative outlet that would get her away from in front of a screen. She wanted a hobby that would bring her back to working with her hands. And she was hoping for something that would give her those “joy moments” that she was craving.


She picked up pointed-pin modern calligraphy about 6 years ago. After teaching herself and practicing on her own, she decided that she wanted to teach others the hobby that she grew to love. So, after easing her nerves, she finally taught her very first workshop. After the class, she said it was the proudest she’s ever felt about herself. And she was now officially a calligraphy instructor!


To help expand her techniques, Sam said she started to become curious in how other instructors were teaching classes. And that’s when she discovered Lauren Essl’s Calligraphy 101 class. She loved the fact that Lauren’s style was different from her own (she could learn something new!). And the best part? She could take the online class from the comfort of her home.


After watching a pro like Lauren teach, Sam felt even more confident about her calligraphy workshops.

Today, she teaches monthly beginner and intermediate calligraphy workshops at Maman, a cafe in downtown New York City. She also works part-time at Paper Source teaching hand lettering workshops and with various brands doing live calligraphy events. Let’s just say she’s definitely caught the teaching bug. She’s already taught over 14 workshops in just this past month!

So what does she love about teaching? She loves the fact the being passionate about it came as a surprise. She never wanted to teach, but after doing it a couple of times, she kind of fell in love with watching people practice. The moment when you see someone light up when they get it right. That’s everything. Another one of her favorite things? Creating the worksheets and materials for her classes.


And when it comes to starting a new creative endeavor, Sam says don’t be nervous. You don’t need to jump right in get it right the first time. It’s never going to be perfect the first time. So what’s Sam’s advice? Start small! Start practicing your own unique style of lettering when you’re writing out a grocery list or to-do list.


That sounds doable! So start practicing your creative skills today. We’d love to see them! Share your projects with us on Instagram and tag us @britandco and with the hashtag #iamcreative. We will regram our favorites!


Interested in learning how to teach calligraphy? Check out Lauren’s fun and playful in her Calligraphy 101 online class today!