From breathing new life into tried-and-true basics to making sure you鈥檙e constantly on top of your game, when it comes to putting together an on-point office getup, it鈥檚 all about those accessories. You spend at least 40 hours of your life at your 9-to-5 and while it might not be a place where your sartorial creativity can run completely free, that shouldn鈥檛 stop you from showing off some personality. Enter vibrant notebooks, chic statement baubles and playful clutches that can handle your everyday essentials 鈥 subtle, yet impactful touches that feel totally you, but won鈥檛 draw any side eyes. Here are 14 accessories guaranteed to make your work week more stylish.


1. Poketo Reef Notebook ($16): An amped up notebook is like the Holy Grail of office accessories 鈥 they鈥檙e totally indispensable. To inspire creativity and take your to-do lists, meeting notes and ideas to the next level, a bold bright notebook is where it鈥檚 at.


2. Oasis Metallic Leather Shopper Bag ($69): A tote is the ultimate work week utility piece, but that doesn鈥檛 mean it should feel standard issue. This metallic leather number packs plenty of personality, while still feeling incredibly polished.

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3. Undercover Palm Leather Travel Card Holder ($15): Fumbling for your metro card or bus pass when you鈥檙e in a hurry can be a nightmare. Keep cards handy and always in sight with a vibrant fluoro card holder that doubles as a pick-me-up (those palms have us dreaming of sunny, summer days).


4. Subtle Luxury Tamborine Man Scarf ($79): Whether the sun is shining or there鈥檚 a full-blown monsoon happening outside your door, a bright, printed scarf is the ideal accessory for your 9-to-5. It instantly perks up and adds polish to everything from wrap dresses to contemporary suits, while offering an extra layer of protection if you鈥檙e rushing around between meetings in wild weather.


5. Black + Blum Sandwich on Board ($28): Bringing your lunch to work instead of buying can do some major favors for your wallet, but toting isn鈥檛 always so chic. Squished sandwiches and bulky lunch boxes? No thanks. This compact container changes all of that. The sleek design makes it purse friendly, while keeping your goods perfectly intact.


6. Summer Fresh Phone聽Case ($35): Between the vibrant colors and solid protection, there isn鈥檛 much not to love about this playful phone case.


7. Zara Adjustable Choker with Round Stone ($20): On mornings when you just can鈥檛 even, statement baubles are a sartorial savior. They instantly revive even the most basic of pieces, driving your ensemble into fashion-forward territory. Subtle, yet undeniably stylish, this marble-print emerald choker pairs perfectly with everything from shift dresses to classic button-down tops.


8. Bkr 500 ML Tiptoe Bottle ($35): Staying hydrated throughout the day is non-negotiable. It wards off headaches and will keep your skin looking extra fly 鈥 no matter what the day throws at you. This pastel bottle is small enough to fit into the average purse but holds enough to keep your hydration game on lock.


9. Komono Vlisco Watch ($91): Cell phones have kind of usurped the power of the tried-and-true watch, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you shouldn鈥檛 sport one. It鈥檒l be running long after your battery dies, plus it will keep your outfit looking on-point in the process.


10. Clare V. Natural Canvas Jaguar Foldover ($165): Boasting enough space for your tablet, snacks, pens and a notepad, this spotted clutch will quickly become a favorite on busy days when your desk is a distant dream.


11. Sunday Somewhere Brigitte Glasses: When you wear glasses, they鈥檙e part of your persona, so why not make them reflect as much personality as your outfits? These sassy cat eye specs feature just the right combo of mid-century chic and contemporary edge with their funky silhouette and bold color blocking.


12. BCBG Houndstooth Plated Waist Belt ($41): When you鈥檙e ready for a little work wardrobe restructuring, but your budget has other ideas in mind, accessories are key for keeping things feeling fresh. A gilded waist belt is perfect for breathing new life into everything from blazers to midi dresses to flowy tops.


13. Poketo Marble Planner ($36): You might be a slave to your phone鈥檚 calendar app, but this ultra chic marble planner with copper foil printing will make you want to ditch the tech for a classic planner.


14. Tinted Bubble Umbrella ($24): Don鈥檛 let a little nasty weather mess with those perfectly put together 9-to-5 duds. A bright, bubble umbrella will help keep you dry, making all your co-workers wonder how you can make facing the elements look so effortless.

What鈥檚 your must-have office accessory? Tell us in the comments!