If you鈥檙e unfamiliar with the galette 鈥 that free-form, rustic pie darling of Instagram 鈥 allow us to introduce you. This is the pastry that鈥檚 so easy to make, you can do it with your eyes closed, without a recipe, sweet or savory, and with whatever you鈥檝e got on hand. We鈥檇 like to think it鈥檚 the reason for the expression 鈥渆asy as pie.鈥 Below, we鈥檝e put together our top 10 recipes of the summer, so you can stop searching and get straight to the baking (and eating).

1. Strawberry Crostata With Honey Whipped Cream: With a cornmeal and buttermilk crust, a colorful strawberry filling, and orange blossom honey laced through cream, this is an example of understated elegance. (via Tutti Dolci)

2. Blueberry and Lemon Thyme Galettes: Why is everything so much better when it鈥檚 in personal-size form? The soft herbal notes in these mini pies give sweet blueberries a refreshing lift. (via Hint of Vanilla)

3. Cherry-Almond Galette: Almonds play perfectly with cherries in this simple stunner. A little dose of almond extract and a spelt flour and yogurt crust are a few of the extra special touches. (via Sprouted Kitchen)

4. Peach Tray Tart: If you鈥檙e of a more linear mindset, check out this little number. Still as easy as ever, the rectangular shape allows for a pretty pattern of freshly sliced yellow and white peaches. (via Donna Hay)

5. Fresh Cherry Galette With Basil and Cream: Purple basil is a fresh and unexpected guest star here. Choose a variety of fruit, such as Rainier and dark sweet cherries, for the prettiest palette. (via Some the Wiser)

6. Mixed Berry Galette With Buttermilk Cornmeal Crust: This classic recipe makes the most of whatever berries you鈥檝e got in your possession. We love it for its versatility and crowd-pleasing capability. (via Sally鈥檚 Baking Addiction)

7. Fig, Honey, and Goat Cheese Galette: For a Mediterranean-inspired masterpiece, turn to this beauty. Tangy, honey-sweetened goat cheese filling creates a dreamy landing for sultry figs. We suggest a glass of Champagne alongside it. (via Kitchen Confidante)

8. Chocolate Strawberry Galette: It鈥檚 hard to beat this classic combination, but wrap it all up in a layer of flaky pastry and your guests will be begging for a second slice. Bonus 鈥 the recipe is gluten-free! (via Bakerita)

9. Plum Almond Galette: Is it wrong to think a dessert is sexy? Choose sweet plums or pluots with colorful flesh to offset the flaky, cream-colored almonds that you鈥檒l use to top the filling. (via Fix Feast Flair)

10. Blueberry-Pecan Galette: The secret to this pie is a dough that incorporates fragrant, toasted pecans. We love it as a sweet finish to your next barbecue. (via Bon App茅tit)

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