In the summertime, we all want to shed that winter drab. We make over our makeup, our wardrobes, and even our iTunes playlists — but no reason to stop there. Why not make over your workspace? We spend so much time at our desks, which is all the more reason to keep it colorful and fun. Turn it into a place you actually want to be. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to transform your desk from gray and boring to totally fab. Here are 17 easy ways to summer-ize your office.

1. Fabric-Covered Mousepad: A little scrap of fabric and Mod Podge go a long way. (via Cape 27)

2. Stamped Clay Set: Make this desk set using air-dry clay and your favorite stamps to instantly freshen up your desk. (via Brit + Co)

3. Desk Calendar: Put that pile of unused gift tags to work and create this adorable DIY calendar that you can use year after year. (via Home Made By Carmona)

4. Paper Plants: No water required. (via The House That Lars Built)

5. Brush Strokes Wallpaper: Don’t overlook your computer’s wallpaper. You see it multiple times a day and it’s a simple change that can brighten up your whole office. (via Brit + Co)

6. Bulletin Board: Coordinate with your office supplies or just change it up with the seasons. This personalized cork board can be tailor-made to fit any color scheme. (via Beach House in the City)

7. Fabric Nesting Bowls: Keep your desk organized and do it with some style. These fabric bowls in a punchy fabric will do the trick. (via Brit + Co)

8. Aqua Desk Supplies ($40): Instantly add a bright pop of color to your cubicle with this 17-piece bundle.

9. Color-Block Fan Blades: Take apart your personal desk fan and paint the blades for a spinning color show. (via Brit + Co)

10. Custom File Folders: Plain manila folders + contact paper = folders so cute the rest of the office will be begging you to make them some. (via The Homes I Have Made)

11. Paint-Dipped Pencils: You can paint-dip a mason jar, a flower pot and even a chair — so why not try it on your pencils? (via Jader Bomb)

12. Lasercut Bookends: Do you have access to a laser cutter? Consider yourself lucky and add this project to your to-do list. (via Brit + Co)

13. Pineapple Paper Clips ($8): Even your memos can get a summer makeover with these fun paperclips.

14. Wall Clock ($30): It’s about time you updated your clock. ;)

15. Succulent Zen Garden: Breathe deep and get your Zen on with these mini gardens. The colored sand will make these the focal point of your desk and the talk of the office. (via Nous Decor)

16. Desk Planter: This dino will keep you company all day, and using an air plant means you don’t have to worry about watering it over the weekend. (via Brit + Co)

17. Washi Tape Keyboard: You can have a whole new keyboard with just a couple rolls of washi tape and a little meticulous cutting. (via Brit + Co)

How do you plan on re-vamping your workspace this summer? Shine some light on the subject below!