15 Colorful Summer Desktop Wallpapers
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15 Colorful Summer Desktop Wallpapers

Summer is all about relaxing and vacationing, right? Eh, that sounds awesome, but for the majority of summer most of us are still stuck behind a computer screen. Give your eyes a break and download one of these bright and cheery desktop wallpapers to look at whenever you need a vacay! With popsicles, tropical fruit and neon colors, we won’t judge you if you leave these summery wallpapers on your computer well into colder weather.

1. Neon Animals: Go wild with this polka dotted safari! (via Waterfall Creative)

2. Good Thoughts: Keep things cheerful with this colorful typography wallpaper. (via Design Love Fest)

3. Hello July: Having a calendar on your desktop is super helpful for keeping things on track. (via Paper Squid)

4. Tropical Fruit: Put some of that color from the farmers market onto your computer with this fruity wallpaper. (via Oana Befort)


5. That Is All: For all you coffee-holics out there, just a little reminder about what is important. (via Alyssa Barnes)

6. Graphic Popsicles: Nothing says summer like some pretty pastel popsicles. (via Design Love Fest)

7. Neon Geometry: Get the angle right with this super cool neon wallpaper. (via Idle Wife)

8. Watercolor Crab: This crabby wallpaper will leave you feeling anything but thanks to those hand-painted touches. (via Free People)

9. Be Awesome: Hey you, remind yourself how awesome you are. (via Inkstruck)

10. Chilling Poolside: With a quote from Katherine Hepburn and the beautiful pool view, this funky wallpaper just looks so inviting. (via Lovely Indeed)

11. Just Be: No more excuses, just be. (via The Sweet Escape)

12. Pink Ombre: We love the casual, natural look of this graphic wallpaper. (via Lovely Indeed)

13. Watermelon Slices: Capture the essence of summer with these painted watermelons. (via Design Love Fest)


14. You Fancy: So bright and cheery, this wallpaper will have you smiling the minute you turn on your computer. (via The Sweet Escape)

15. Graphic Pops: We adore the bright colors and shapes of this delicious background. And the spirit behind that little command — we will, desktop wallpaper, we will live in the sunshine this summer + beyond! (via Sarah Hearts)

Will you download any of these cheery desktop wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below!