Mass-market coffee joints have made household names of made-to-order bevs like the latte, the cold brew for summertime or the love of our lives, the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte. But we bet you haven鈥檛 heard of drinks like the PT Toarco, kaffelemonade or matcha soda. If these craft concoctions sound completely foreign to your ears, prepare yourself for something delicious 鈥 and caffeinated. Supercrown Coffee Roasters is a New York-based craft coffee shop that is shaking up your morning drip for a cup of something totally new and extremely tasty.


At Supercrown Coffee Roasters, coffee drinkers seeking a morning jolt can still find the usuals like macchiatos, lattes and mochas. But even everyday drinks are served up with an eclectic twist. For example, the coffeehouse is rolling out an Americano that swaps out water for Mexican Coke; the PT Toarco, a single-origin espresso with a hint of lemon, green grape or caramel and the 鈥淪hot in the Dark,鈥 a fun and flavorful espresso with Ritual Chocolate鈥檚 Belize 75 percent cacao.


Freshly opened in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, the place didn鈥檛 pop up overnight. Darleen Scherer, a long-heralded coffee aficionado and founder of Supercrown Coffee Roasters, has been a leading advocate of the craft coffee movement for over a decade. Over the years, after growing more acutely aware of the process of coffee production from farm to import, the idea brewed to make eclectic coffees worldwide not only more accessible to consumers, but more sustainable for producers. This philosophy permeates the coffee shop鈥檚 menu.

鈥淲hile we follow the seasons and look for fresh crops as they land, we also seek out the most interesting and innovative practices at the farm level, in the mills, in the cupping labs and at cupping competitions,鈥 Scherer tells us. 鈥淲e get excited about a new varietal from a particular origin, or a new milling technique that improves the coffee quality. We also love to discover those hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path, super small micro lot beans from a region most coffee drinkers are not familiar with. Our commitment to coffee quality and sustainability, which are intertwined, drives these choices.鈥 Not too shabby!

In its 1,700-square-foot cafe, Supercrown Coffee Roasters currently offers drinks for around what鈥檇 you pay for coffee at your local joint. So, why stray from your usual coffee spot to the bold new territory of Supercrown Coffee Roasters?

鈥淚f you are someone who appreciates a good wine, a craft beer, a local cheese or seasonal vegetables, and you like to know where it all comes from, then there is no wooing necessary,鈥 says Scherer. 鈥淵ou already get it. Supercrown Coffee is the same thing. There are some really amazing, award-winning coffees that roll out season after season, year after year, that are improving all of the time.鈥

If you don鈥檛 live in NYC, don鈥檛 fret. You can still experience Supercrown鈥檚 original goodness: Their website offers wholesale coffee and coffee subscriptions for around $16 a week for one 8.5-ounce bag of artisanal coffee delivered straight to your front door.

Your caffeine addiction has never tasted better.

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(h/t GrubStreet; photos via @supercrowncoffee)