What鈥檚 that in the sky? A bird? A plane? A bat signal?! Gotham鈥檚 in trouble! And only you, your husband, your niece, your nephew or your dog can help! ;) Being a superhero for Halloween is one of our favorite classic costume options. You get to adopt an alter ego that saves the world, or some version of it, and you usually get to wear spandex. It鈥檚 easy to turn one superhero costume into a group or family theme, and it鈥檚 fun to add your own personal touches once you鈥檝e got the base costume on lockdown.

Today, in partnership with eBay, we鈥檝e rounded up 20 ways for every single member of your family to be a superhero this Halloween, including your dog!

The moment we dove into eBay鈥檚 Halloween hub, we were stunned by how many awesome costumes, decor pieces and DIY supplies were available in one place. Seriously. From authentic character costumes to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, this shop鈥檚 got you covered, and will definitely get you inspired to finally start figuring out what to be this Halloween. And if you haven鈥檛 been on eBay in a while, it鈥檚 worth calling out that these items are available to order without bidding, and the sellers list how many pieces they have in stock. More importantly, they鈥檒l all ship in time for Halloween! (Be sure to check your item鈥檚 specific shipping time for exact dates.)

Now, let鈥檚 check out this heroic collection of Halloween costumes. (Please note: These superhero costumes are flying off the shelves! So, get them while they鈥檙e hot, as the prices may be subject to demand.)


1. Batman and Batgirl 1960s Couples Costume ($209 for both): Though the price tag on this one is definitely up there, this pair of vintage retro costumes is one you could wear every single Halloween without getting bored of it. The old-school color palette and full-on spandex is a winning combo.


2. Superman Dog Costume ($11): You think your dog鈥檚 super, and he does too.


3. The Flash Kid鈥檚 Costume ($20): Whether you call him the Scarlet Speedster, Crimson Comet or the classic Flash, this superhero鈥檚 super speed is as effortless as breathing.


4. Women鈥檚 Classic Supergirl Costume ($38): This somewhat controversial character (wasn鈥檛 Superman the only one to survive the destruction of Krypton?) makes for a kickass Halloween costume primarily because you get to rock a cape. And save the day, of course.


5. Clark Kent Superman Men鈥檚 Costume ($37): eBay has quite a collection of Superman costumes, but this Clark-Kent-turning-into-Superman option is definitely our favorite. Just look at those abs! ;)


6. Spiderman Dog Costume ($14): This has to be one of the silliest dog costumes we鈥檝e ever seen. And we鈥檝e seen some silly dog costumes in our day.


7. Wonder Woman Kid鈥檚 Costume ($27): Wonder Woman has always been our favorite superhero, for pretty obvious reasons. This costume for little ladies will make her feel like a rockstar.


8. Wolverine Dog Costume ($14): I have to admit, I have a weakness for Wolverine. The original Wolverine 鈥 yellow suit, crazy cat-eye mask, blue accents. I promise, it鈥檚 not just Hugh Jackman鈥檚 portrayal of this mutant, self-healing animal man. Now, Wolverine as portrayed by a chihuahua? Speechless.


9. Retro Captain America Costume ($41): As you can see, we鈥檝e got a thing for 鈥40s-, 鈥50s- and 鈥60s-style costumes. We鈥檝e just never seen so many iterations of Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman in one place!


10. Superhero Women鈥檚 Tank Dresses ($16 each): If you鈥檙e not quite ready for the head-to-toe spandex look, you can always go for one of these superhero tank dresses. Pair your frock with one of our #LazyGirl Halloween Hair Hacks, and you鈥檒l be ready to go in 15 minutes.


11. Batman Dog Costume ($14): BATDOG! Costumes that make it look like the dog is a human with those little fake arms make us giggle every time.


12. The Dark Knight Costume ($14): Prefer a more modern Batman? May we offer a very sophisticated Dark Knight?


13. Reversible Batman and Robin Cape for Kids ($23): This cape is all about the quick mid-Halloween-night costume change.


14. Iron Man ($45): Now, if only you had time to build a custom robot computer system named Jarvis鈥


15. Green Lantern Dog Costume ($15): Interestingly, Green Lantern is actually the name of a number of different superheroes, starting from 1940 to now. Like Captain Planet and the Planeteers, the Green Lanterns get their strength and a variety of powers from a ring designed to fight evil.


16. Women鈥檚 Robin Costume ($69): We recommend coupling this costume with a short blond 鈥榙o and some Swedish dance moves and going as Robin and Robyn. Better yet, get your favorite dude to play Batman, and be Batman and Robyn!


17. Captain America Kid鈥檚 Costume ($25): How adorable would it be if a dad and son both dressed up as 1940s-era Captain America?


18. Spiderman and Captain America Juniors Dresses ($35 each): Perfect for the #LazyGirl, these adorable dresses will make you feel SUPER ;)


19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ($55 each): Jury鈥檚 out on whether or not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can officially be dubbed superheroes, but I think most 鈥90s kids would be on board with that designation.


20. Underdog ($15): And finally, dun da-dun dun dunnnnn鈥 it鈥檚 UNDERDOG!!!

Who is your favorite superhero? What are you being this Halloween? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with eBay.