Halloween is less than a week away. Your costume may be all set, but you still need just the right look for your favorite furry friend. If your pooch isn’t feeling the tropical call of the pineapple, seek out some style inspiration a little south of the border with this cute taco costume. The best part of all is that this look, made with felt, yarn and a trusty glue gun, could not be any easier to create. Let’s get started!


 — brown yarn scraps

— felt (tan, brown, green, red, yellow)

— elastic

— tan thread

 — hot glue gun

— fabric scissors

— hand-sewing needle



1. Cut out two tan half circles.

2. Cut out two bigger green half circles with wavy edges.

3. Hot glue each tan piece to a green one.

4. Measure and cut brown felt.

5. Glue both segments to brown felt, green side down.

6. Hot glue yarn scraps to the brown felt.

7. Add small red and yellow pieces.

8. Stitch straps of elastic to create a wearable taco tube.


Before starting this project, measure your dog’s torso, leg to leg. This measurement will the width of your finished tortilla-lettuce combo. The lettuce needs to be about 1/2 inch bigger than the tortilla — just enough for it to peek out. As for the brown “meat”? This segment should be big enough to overlap the top third of each tortilla-lettuce piece. There should also be enough to span the top of your pup’s body, with the tortillas against each side. When in doubt, place the taco-to-be on your dog to double check.


When adhering green felt to the brown, don’t add glue too close to the wavy edge. This will allow the lettuce to keep that slightly loose, wavy vibe. When you bring in the brown yarn, your best bet is to work with small bunches at a time. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and shades; this will keep it more natural looking. Be extra careful during this step. It’s easy for the hot glue to sneak through the strands of yarn!


For the toppings, opt for red squares for tomatoes and yellow rectangles for cheese. To create a layered look, alternate adding these with the brown yarn scraps.


Add a couple straps of elastic by hand-stitching them the the felt. The elastic should overlap the tortilla by 1/2 inch on each end. Make sure the stitches are tight, especially if your pup is full of energy and moves around a lot. Again, it helps to place the costume on your dog to double check measurements.


And just like that, you’ve turned your furry pal into a delicious taco.


“Did someone say tacos? YUM!”


Levone the puppy seems to be just as stoked for Halloween as we are.


Readers, how would you customize your pet’s taco costume? Let us know in the comments, below!

Styled Photos: Anson Cheung